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Solve.Care Launches NFT Auction Featuring Children Artwork to Support Ukrainians


btcmanager.com 23 April 2022 14:39, UTC
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Solve.Care, a pioneering blockchain healthcare platform, has launched an NFT auction to raise funds to support civilians fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. According to a press release by the company, the NFT auction will feature beautiful and meaningful artwork from Ukrainian children.

Solve.Care to Support Ukraine through Art 

The young artists initially created these drawings to show support for parents, siblings, and relatives defending the frontline in Ukraine. The inspiring art has been transformed into NFTs to present a message of hope and support to the Ukrainian armed forces and everyone affected by the Russian invasion.

The Solve.Care team has decided to mint NFTs from these pieces and auction them on OpenSea, a leading digital artwork marketplace. All funds raised from the ongoing auction will fund the Care Shelter initiative that Solve.Care rolled out to support refugees fleeing the conflict.

The creative drawings from Ukrainian children showcase the best of humanity amid the horrendous war that has devastated Eastern Europe.

An Appeal for the Crypto Community to Stand with Ukraine

The NFT auction initiative allows Solve.Care and OpenSea to mint a unique art collection that carries a special message from the young art creator to the buyer.

People worldwide who stand for peace are invited to support the NFT auction initiative. The effort will help raise much-needed funds to provide medicine, food, blankets, beds, and other essentials to vulnerable communities seeking refuge in Care Shelters located across Western Ukraine.

Pradeep Goel, the CEO of Solve.Care, urged folks to join the initiative and spread the word on the auction. The company head assured participants that every cent from the NFT sale would go into helping families who desperately need help in Ukraine.

“Existing support is helping us to keep going and provide even more aid – and we are asking the Crypto, NFT and wider Web3 community to support this auction in any way that they can, ” Goel added.

As the war intensifies in Eastern Ukraine, the need for well-wishers to come together and raise vital funds to keep Care Shelters going is greater than ever.

How the Care Shelters Initiative Started

Solve.Care has deep roots in Ukraine, as the CEO, his wife, and much of the Solve.Care team are citizens of the war-ravaged European state. The multinational company also leverages Ukrainian-made software to develop its blockchain-based telehealth network that offers healthcare solutions in multiple countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

The tech firm had its largest office in Kyiv before the Russian invasion. The war heavily impacted the firm and displaced its Ukraine-based members to Hungary, where they currently continue their operations.

After their successful evacuation from the war-torn country, the Solve.Care team decided to help other citizens by establishing refuge centers across Western Ukraine. The team has since launched the Care Shelter initiative with assistance from volunteers and local city officials. 

Solve.Care has established nine safe havens for Ukrainian refugees that have housed 2000+ people fleeing the horrors of war in the Eastern part of the country.

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