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Why is Everyone Investing in Upshot NFT Appraisal Protocol?

source-logo  cryptoknowmics.com 27 March 2022 23:09, UTC

As per the latest news, the NFT brand upshot has raised $22 million in their A2 series round of funding. This funding is sourced by the well-known investment firm Polychain. As per the firm, such a considerable investment is due to their trust in the brand ‘ Upshot.’ Polychain thinks that Upshot is a reliable brand in the NFT market because of its proven efficacy in its pricing models.  Though many of us might understand the concept of Upshot and NFT, some people are unaware of the subject. So, we discuss a few critical components of Upshot to understand the concept better.

What is Upshot NFT?

The ecosystem of NFT is proving to be one of the fastest-growing spaces in recent times. There seems to be a rush in participating in this buying and selling race. However, the valuation of the NFT purchased or sold is highly subjective. Here, Upshot comes into the picture. The Upshot is a protocol that rewards experts for giving their honest feedback and insights, which ultimately helps decide the valuation. Appraisal games are used to incentivize the experts. In other words, Upshot provides a value discovery tool for NFT by remunerating the experts for their unbiased opinions.

Why is everyone Investing in Upshot?

Though millions of dollars are getting invested in these non-fungible tokens, the accurate valuation of NFT is still very tricky. The pricing factor of NFT is very subjective. That is the reason people are getting more inclined towards investing in Upshot. It gives an accurate picture of the actual value of NFT, which contributes beneficially towards further sale and purchase of NFT. Due to its reliable and authentic price mechanism, Upshot has opened new avenues of growth and development of NFT markets. That is why everybody is thronging in the Upshot marketplace.

Is Upshot worth investing in the long run?

Just because there is a recent surge seen in the NFT market, it cannot guarantee the fruitfulness of the subject. NFT is still a lesser-known subject to many individuals. It does not hold a vast history to be thoroughly examined. The future of Upshot is correlated with the progress of NFT markets. Though many high-profile investors and Hollywood celebrities are branding Upshot by investing in the company, it still is highly a personal choice. Whether it is a futuristic approach or a fad, it is too early to decide. If you have spare money and are fascinated by the concept, you can go with the flow.


The Upshot is impressively benefitting Polygon’s well-developed NFT space. It gives the buyers and sellers a helping hand while evaluating the products. Its magnificent price mechanism gives a clear insight into the subject and makes it fruitful for investors. Though there is a surge in this market and firms like Polychain are betting on Upshot, it is still advisable to invest wisely. The concept is still new, and the future is still not deeply investigated.