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Introducing Mintverse 2.0—the Latest Version of Leading NFT Aggregator


coinquora.com 07 January 2022 16:11, UTC
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Mintverse, a decentralized NFT platform and aggregator, is thrilled to launch the revamped version of its NFT collection tracking technology. The company made many notable improvements and upgrades to the protocol, opening the doors leading to the world of NFTs.

Moreover, the fast-growing platform is enthusiastic about exploring the future of NFTs by offering its users an extensive NFT marketplace and aggregator. With Mintverse’s focus on gaming NFTs and collectibles, finance and gaming opportunities in the DeFi industry are evident.

Furthermore, the latest version of Mintverse showcases crucial changes. Take for example the user dashboard. Now, users can link their wallets to keep track of their NFT collections and browse through new ones in the same interface. Aside from that, users can also expect new features such as full data coverage & filter, ranking, up-to-date information on upcoming NFT drops, and gamespad.

Currently, Mintverse has processed more than 75 million assets on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and over 35 million on Ethereum. This data serves as proof of how the platform’s products and services positively impact the industry. Likewise, the team intends to offer the most exclusive metadata of NFTs across both of these networks, exceeding OpenSea and others.

Under the hood, Mintverse has prominent investors backing up its projects. A&T Capital, FBG, Capital, Mirana Ventures, and Fenbushi Capital to name a few. Meanwhile, Rene Cao, the founder of Mintverse expressed:

Mintverse will serve the BSC ecosystem by providing the largest and most aggregated NFT database. Moving forward, BSC-based NFT projects, specifically gaming projects, will not need to develop their own marketplace as Mintverse will automatically aggregate all NFT assets immediately, creating a version of OpenSea for BSC NFTs. Besides this, Mintverse has already analyzed more assets on ETH in comparison to OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the market. In order to create a real decentralized platform, we will be rewarding users on Mintverse with 100% commission rebate, embodying Web 3.0 which we consider to be the future.

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