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Polygon’s Moon Girl NFTs top daily sales chart with over US$1.36 million

source-logo  forkast.news 06 June 2024 08:51, UTC

The Moon Girl collection on Polygon led CryptoSlam’s non-fungible tokens (NFT) sales chart on Wednesday with US$1.36 million in daily sales.

It was the second consecutive day Moon Girl notched at least US$1 million in sales.

The second-ranking collection for the day was Guild of Guardians Avatars on the Immutable network which recorded sales of US$854,586.

Bitcoin Puppets claimed the third spot with a total sales volume of US$818,729, dropping from the previous day’s US$1.33 million. Despite the drop, the collection maintained an average price of US$14,363 per NFT.

Other notable movements in the NFT market included CryptoPunks and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, which ranked fourth and fifth respectively. CryptoPunks, also on the Ethereum blockchain, saw a daily sales volume of US$722,834, while Mutant Ape Yacht Club recorded US$722,400 in sales.

Collections such as Mythos Chain’s DMarket and Pudgy Penguins also experienced significant activity, with DMarket’s sales reaching US$666,332 and Pudgy Penguins garnering US$632,595 in sales.

Meanwhile, Ethereum retained its position as the top-performing blockchain with a daily sales volume of US$5.43 million, despite a decrease from the previous day’s US$4.17 million.

Bitcoin trailed at second with US$4.39 million, dropping from US$7 million the previous day.

Polygon had over US$2.7 million in sales to push Solana out of the top three.