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Immutable’s Guild of Guardians knocks off NodeMonkes from top daily NFT sales spot

source-logo  forkast.news 31 May 2024 09:38, UTC

Guild of Guardians Avatars knocked NodeMonkes off the top spot on CryptoSlam’s daily non-fungible token (NFT) charts on Thursday.

The Immutable game-linked collection led NFT sales with a daily sales volume of US$828,697, a 19% rise from US$696,862 the day before.

NodeMonkes, the Bitcoin collection that led Wednesday’s sales, fell to the third spot as its sales dropped to US$756,950 from US$935,770.

NodeMonkes earlier this week became the 26th best-selling collection in the industry with more than US$228 million in all-time sales.

DMarket, a Mythos collection for in-game items from popular online games, came in second place with US$774,176, helping game-related NFTs continue to dominate the week’s charts.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, the second-best selling NFT collection of all time, stayed in the fourth spot in the daily sales ranks with US$567,631. Its all-time sales volume is now at US$3.15 billion.

Polygon’s Unstoppable Domains exploded to the fifth spot with a daily sales volume of US$491,535 from just US$1,075 the previous day. The sales surge came after the digital identity project announced a new self-custody wallet with major digital asset custodian Fireblocks.

Other new entries to the day’s top 10 include the Validat3rs collection, which launched with a daily sales volume of US$362,942 on Solana.

Though NodeMonkes relinquished the top spot, the Bitcoin network dominated the daily blockchain sales race for the second straight day with US$5.51 million, marking a 9.86% increase from the previous day’s US$5.01 million.

Meanwhile, Ethereum’s monthly blockchain sales total is at around US$159 million. It’s on pace to close the month with the lowest NFT sales tally since October 2023.