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Anime Foundation Launches With Animoca Brands, MyAnimeList, and San FranTokyo

source-logo  cryptonews.com 28 May 2024 08:14, UTC

Anime Foundation is launching with Animoca Brands, MyAnimeList, and San FranTokyo as partners.

According to a press release shared with Cryptonews.com, the Anime Foundation has announced its launch partners including Animoca Brands, Animoca Brands Japan, MyAnimeList, and San FranTokyo.

Building Web3 Anime and Manga Community

The release stated that Anime Foundation is a community-driven cultural protocol for anime and manga, bridging both web2 and web3 platforms. The partnership aims to create new opportunities and experiences for fans, creators, studios, IP holders, and anime and brands worldwide.

Anime Foundation envisioned a future where anime and manga creators have better opportunities and rewards, distribution is more efficient, and fans gain greater access to exclusive content and ownership in a global community.

The four partners are positioned to contribute to this vision. MyAnimeList and Animoca Brands Japan will use their industry networks and deep community engagement to attract talent and expertise from the traditional anime and manga industry.

On the other hand, Animoca Brands and San FranTokyo plan to utilize their broad 2eb3 ecosystems and blockchain technologies to create new opportunities for fan engagement.

Anime Foundation will also partner with Mocaverse, a growth network that includes systems for Account, Identity, Reputation, and PointFi, developed by Animoca Brands.

Animoca Brands Japan has invested JPY¥300 million in MyAnimeList, one of the world’s largest anime and manga community sites and databases, which has 16 million registered members.

“We are thrilled to be a launch partner of Anime Foundation, which we envision as the spearhead to champion anime culture globally,” said Animoca Brands co-founder and executive chairman Yat Siu.

“Anime Foundation has strong potential to establish itself as a major universal network of on-chain identity, experiences and economies,” stated Siu.

Utilizing Mocaverse’s Anime ID

This collaboration uses Mocaverse’s new Realm Network SDK to introduce Anime ID, a decentralized identifier and reputation layer, to help users transition into web3. The project will develop new monetization models and community-building initiatives using blockchain.

Announcing Anime Foundation will be the inaugural Realm Network partner for The Moca Network

Adopting @MocaverseNFT interoperable Realm SDK and co-launching Anime ID to power the next generation of anime & manga culture globally.

MyAnimeList is the world's largest anime and… pic.twitter.com/gVrYL7E0GW

— Anime Foundation (@AnimeFDN) May 28, 2024

“We are excited to co-launch Anime ID with Anime Foundation as the first Realm Network partner. I believe Anime Foundation stands the best chance to onboard millions of Anime fans all over the world,” said Mocaverse Lead Kenneth Shek.