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Milady Maker leads daily NFT sales, CryptoPunks records 5 transactions despite backlash

source-logo  forkast.news 22 May 2024 08:59, UTC

Milady Maker led CryptoSlam’s daily non-fungible token (NFT) sales chart on Tuesday with US$1.07 million, up from Monday’s US$267,554.

Milady’s Tuesday surge follows backlash against Yuga Labs, the owner of the CryptoPunks IP. The company faced criticism for announcing on Monday a new NFT collection focusing on race and gender, tied to CryptoPunks, the day’s second-ranking collection.

While disappointed CryptoPunks owners warned they might sell their NFTs, members of the Milady community predicted that the funds would flow into Milady.

cryptopunk rotation into milady is going to give you whiplash

— mischief – very special 🎖️🏆 (@y2k_mischief) May 21, 2024

CryptoSlam data shows that many CryptoPunk owners moved their assets. It ranked second on the day with US$737,526 in sales, although it only recorded five sales transactions on Tuesday. Additionally, it also recorded 14 transfers.

On Monday, the collection had 30 total transfers, which is the highest since late March.

Following closely in third place, DMarket recorded a daily sales volume of US$735,546, with 3,680 unique buyers and sellers at 3,230, contributing to 28,835 total transactions.

Other notable collections include Fantasy Top and The Captainz, ranking fourth and fifth respectively.

Fantasy Top achieved a daily sales volume of US$652,892 with 1,726 unique buyers, while The Captainz garnered US$618,594 with 33 unique buyers.

The Ethereum blockchain, where Milady, CryptoPunks and Captainz reside, led all blockchains with US$8.47 million in NFT sales, rising from the previous day’s US$6.09 million, a 39% jump.

In contrast, the Bitcoin blockchain reported a daily sales volume of US$5.85 million with 1,798 unique buyers, an increase from the previous day’s US$4.97 million.

Polygon and Mythos Chain also reported substantial daily sales of US$1.60 million and US$758,947.38, respectively, highlighting the diverse and active nature of the NFT market across various blockchains.