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Crypto Trading Game Banksters Concludes Airdropped NFT Contest With Its Mainnet Launch

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 19 April 2024 19:53, UTC

The educational NFT-based crypto trading game Banksters has celebrated the upcoming launch of its Mainnet with a new airdrop that rewards its most active and best performing players.

In the first-of-its-kind contest, Banksters pitted its users against each other to compete for one of 1,000 exclusive NFTs that were awarded based on their activity level throughout the duration of the competition. The event ran from April 3 to April 17, and ended up with the 1,000 highest-rated Banksters’ players receiving an airdropped NFT showcasing various traits and levels of rarity. The NFTs were valued at a combined 100,000 USDT. ‘

The campaign was designed to promote Banksters Mainnet launch, which went live alongside a number of new features in the game, which is designed to educate crypto enthusiasts about the intricacies of token trading.

Gamified Learning To Trade

Banksters is the brainchild of an innovative developer startup called Lava Games, and it can be thought of as a gamified simulation of the crypto markets. Within the game, users are tasked with buying and selling different, real-world cryptocurrencies in an effort to make a profit. Along the way, it educates players about popular trading strategies and how to read the various “signals” that can help inform profitable trades. By gamifying the trading experience in this way, Banksters players can acquire the skills needed to profitably trade in the real-world crypto market.

The gameplay is based on the real-life crypto market, with all asset prices reflecting their real-world movements. Each player trades using an NFT character, which has its own unique abilities and attributes. The idea is that players can use their abilities to capitalize on the real-world crypto market conditions. Playing the game, users can learn the best way to react to market volatility, improve their financial literacy and, hopefully, become smarter and more profitable traders. There are incentives too, as players can trade face-to-face with other human players, winning crypto rewards if they can “out-trade” their opponents, a concept Banksters terms “trade-to-win”.

The game developers believe that blockchain-based games need to invest more in educating their users in crypto, not only about trading digital assets, but also related things such as how blockchains work, how to set up and use a wallet, mint NFTs and scrolls, and more besides.

Banksters CEO and CMO Alexandru Carbunariu said there was a big strategic element to the contest, with players not only required to be extremely active, but also trade successfully during that period. He said players had a better chance of winning by actively engaging in invest runs, leveling-up avatars, utilizing the Banksters Academy for NFT minting, and by staying involved in the community.

“Banksters is more than a game; it’s an educational journey into the world of cryptocurrency,” Carbunariu said. “The airdrop contest, along with the Minting Scroll on Magic Eden, presents unique opportunities for players to acquire new skills and empower their characters.”

Mainnet Launch & Stable Version Release

The conclusion of the contest was timed to coincide with the launch of Bankster’s Mainnet, for the game is built on its very own blockchain. With the debut of its Mainnet, Banksters introduced a host of new features, including the ability to purchase unique NFT avatars that allow players to personalize their game identity, and a new internal wallet system to support easier management of in-game assets.

Banksters is also introducing non-custodial wallet connectivity, so users can connect third-party wallets such as MetaMask and TrustWallet to the platform to increase asset security. Meanwhile, players can now, finally, withdraw their BARS tokens from the game to trade on real-world exchanges or send to other individuals. The platform is also expanding its NFT minting tool, with players now able to purchase “minting scrolls” and create their very own playable Bankster characters.

Elsewhere, there’s a new referral program designed to encourage existing users to help expand the game’s playerbase, and a streamlined onboarding experience based on a more compelling, story-like narrative that explains the significance of various aspects of the game.

FInally, the Mainnet launch coincides with the first “stable release” of Banksters, marking the beginning of what is promised to be a “comprehensive game redesign”. In future updates, Banksters intends to enhance the game’s visuals and transform the overall gaming experience to make it more competitive, educational and fun.

“These updates represent a significant step forward in merging cutting-edge technology with immersive gameplay, offering our community a truly enriched gaming experience,” Carbunariu said.

Minting Scroll NFTs

For players who missed out on winning one of the 1,000 exclusive airdropped NFTs, they’ll instead have the chance to obtain one of 2,000 Minting Scrolls NFTs, which are now on sale via the Magic Eden NFT marketplace, providing additional opportunities for players to enhance their Banksters’ experience.

Lava Games said the new NFTs (both airdropped and directly purchased) will be vested for a period of 60 days following the stable release launch.