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XRPL Pioneer NFT Project XPUNKS Announces Move to Solana

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 20 March 2024 16:54, UTC

XPUNKS, the creators of the first NFT series on the XRP Ledger, have announced a move to rival blockchain Solana.

The XPUNKS team communicated this move in a recent post on X, heralding the entry into Solana as a New Beginning.

New Beginnings @solana pic.twitter.com/MolY6k84ON

— XPUNKS (@XPUNKNFTs) March 19, 2024

Questions have emerged on whether they plan to completely leave the XRPL or facilitate a multi-chain approach. When asked, they noted that they had built a bridge. The team has failed to provide specific details on the decision but noted that it is organizing an Ask Me Anything session on X to discuss the development.

While XPUNKS Was at XRPL

Just last month, the well-known American exchange Uphold introduced the minting of an exclusive NFT collection featuring the XRP Army Badge in collaboration with XPUNKS.

According to data from the XRP explorer Bithomp, XPUNKS has traded 6,947 NFTs, generating sales totaling $9,648,793.76. This accounts for 35.64% of all NFT sales on the XRP ledger.

Meanwhile, the sales chart data indicates that XPUNKS’ NFT sales have been experiencing a steady decline since last year.

It Takes Departure to Get Recognition

Expectedly, the project’s decision to move to Solana has generated significant attention in the crypto community. Kaj Leroy, the founder of XPUNKS, sees the soaring engagement surrounding their departure from XRPL as a happy moment.

“While our announcement is nearing 200k views, everyone in the XRP community is talking about us. That makes me happy,” Leroy said.

while our announcement is nearing 200k views, everyone on xrp is talking about us

that makes me happy

— Kaj (@BradPunkhouse) March 20, 2024

Reacting to the announcement, some crypto community members expressed that XPUNKS has made the right choice by migrating to Solana. X user JÖDES provided a broad perspective about the factors that could have prompted XPUNKS’s move.

According to JÖDES, “Working on the XRPL feels like drowning in a life jacket store.” He claimed that the XRP ecosystem is not financially, technically, and socially supportive of projects.

As a member of the XRP community, he expressed dismay that it requires departing to receive deserved recognition, viewing it as a disheartening reflection of the XRP community. He attributed responsibility to payment firm Ripple, asserting, “Ripple let it get this way.”

JÖDES welcomes constructive criticism of his views from genuine builders within the XRP community. Also, he extended his best wishes to XPUNKS as they embark on their journey with Solana.

XPUNKS Founder Agrees

Interestingly, the founder of XPUNKS vouched for the accuracy of JÖDES’s claims, stating, “It’s the truth.”

Meanwhile, in reply to Leroy’s agreement, another commenter attempted to clarify that Ripple’s core focus has always revolved around payments. He suggested that it is not a negative reflection on Ripple if NFT projects prefer to explore other ecosystems.

Furthermore, the commenter emphasized that Ripple’s primary objective is not to cater to every aspect of the blockchain space. Instead, the firm concentrates on other endeavors, which is perfectly acceptable, per the commentator.