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Yuga Labs Ensures Royalties for NFT Creators

source-logo  coinnounce.com 27 February 2024 07:37, UTC

Yuga Labs, the company behind popular NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), has taken a stand for creator royalties. They announced that certain NFT collections will only be available on marketplaces that support creator royalties. This decision reflects Yuga Labs' commitment to ensuring that creators are fairly compensated for their work.

The Importance of Royalties

Royalties are crucial for creators as they provide a steady stream of income and incentivize them to continue producing innovative content. By supporting marketplaces that respect creator royalties, Yuga Labs aims to foster a more sustainable and creator-friendly NFT ecosystem.

Market Impact

While Yuga Labs' decision will only affect some of its NFT collections, it sends a strong message to the NFT community about the importance of fair compensation for creators. This move comes at a time when the NFT space is witnessing significant growth and evolving regulations.

South Korea's NFT Discussion with Gary Gensler

South Korea's financial authorities are planning to discuss the recognition of NFTs as virtual assets with Gary Gensler, the Chair of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This discussion, set to take place in May, will address the lack of clear legal definitions for NFTs in South Korea.

Regulatory Considerations

NFTs were excluded from the scope of virtual assets in South Korean laws due to perceived low risk, as they are primarily traded for collection purposes. However, the upcoming discussion will explore the classification of NFTs as virtual assets and their regulatory implications.

Future of NFTs

The outcome of these discussions could have significant implications for the NFT market in South Korea and beyond. As NFTs continue to gain popularity, regulatory clarity will be essential to ensure the market's integrity and protect investors.


— Yuga Labs (@yugalabs) February 26, 2024