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Shiba Inu New Milestone, SHEboshi NFTs Sell Out in 3 Hours

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 23 February 2024 08:29, UTC

Shiba Inu achieved another record-breaking milestone, as its latest NFT collection, SHEboshis, sold out in less than three hours.

Shiba Inu has continued to showcase the benefits of having one of the most active communities in the crypto industry.

SHEboshis Sell Out in 3 Hours

In an exciting development, Shiba Inu achieved another milestone as its latest NFT collection, SHEboshis, was successfully sold out in hours.

Notably, the SHEboshi NFT sold out in less than three hours after the Shiba Inu ecosystem team commenced the second phase of the minting process.

For context, SHEboshi minting was divided into three phases. Shiboshi holders were given priority in the first phase, as they were allowed to claim some portions of SHEboshi at zero cost.

The second phase commenced today after the Phase 1 minting window elapsed yesterday, prioritizing Doge Killer (LEASH) holders.

Surprisingly, the remaining portion of the 20,000 SHEboshi NFTs sold out in less than three hours. Popular Shiba Inu proponent Jolt initially shared the development on the X/Twitter platform. Notably, The Crypto Basic also confirmed that SHEboshis have sold out.

Interesting, #Sheboshis sold out in less than 3 hrs #Shibarmy … 🤔https://t.co/4aWUUuC8yx pic.twitter.com/qEwIDChPW7

— Jolt (@Jolt_yourday) February 23, 2024

Details of SHEboshi Public Sale

The cost for minting a unit of SHEboshi was pegged at 0.05 ETH, excluding gas fees. Interestingly, many users thought the NFT was offered at a giveaway price. Hence, they rushed to mint NFTs, making the collection sold out in less than three hours.

Notably, there would have been a third phase for the mint if LEASH holders had not completely purchased the remaining SHEboshi NFTs within the 24-hour window.

As reported earlier, the team initially planned a third phase minting process to release the remaining SHEboshis for public consumption. However, the third phase will no longer hold since no SHEboshi NFTs are left for minting.

With SHEboshi sold out, crypto community members, including SHIB holders, can trade the digital collection on OpenSea. At press time, SHEboshis’ floor price index has skyrocketed to 0.15 ETH, up nearly 50% in the past day.

Other Shiba Inu NFT Sales Record Massive Success

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu has always recorded massive success in its public NFT sales. Recall that in 2021, Shiba Inu’s first NFT collection, Shiboshi, sold out in 35 minutes.

Similarly, another limited Shiba Inu NFT collection launched last year in collaboration with Bugatti Group also sold out in a record-breaking 110 seconds.

The speed at which Shiba Inu NFTs are sold out can be attributed to its vibrant community, which has been the backbone of the crypto project since its inception.