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NFT Sales Surge 16.8% This Week, Ethereum Dominates With Top Volumes

source-logo  news.bitcoin.com 10 February 2024 18:30, UTC

This week, sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) surged by 16.8% over last week, as per the most recent statistics on digital collectibles. The Ethereum blockchain led the charge among 21 blockchains, capturing the top spot with sales totaling $148.49 million, marking a substantial increase of 99.08%.

Digital Collectibles on the Rise: Ethereum Tops $148M in NFT Sales This Week

This week saw another uptick in NFT sales, building on the 3.74% increase observed last week. In the latest count, NFT transactions reached $277.79 million across 21 different blockchain platforms, marking a 16.8% rise. Conversely, the number of NFT buyers plummeted by 80.74%, and sellers decreased by 78.71%. Ethereum claimed the lead in these seven days, amassing sales of $148.49 million, with Bitcoin trailing at $52.97 million in sales. Ethereum’s NFT sales soared by 99.08%, while Bitcoin’s dipped by 20.67%.

Sales of Solana-based NFTs also took a hit, dropping 21.16% to $39.84 million. Following Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Solana (SOL) in NFT sales were Polygon and Mythos. Polygon’s sales fell to $8.23 million, a 20.23% decrease, whereas Mythos managed to buck the trend with an 11.43% increase, totaling $6.23 million in sales. The leading NFT collection of the week was Ethereum’s Pandora, generating $56.78 million. Close behind was Ethereum’s Nobody, which achieved $15 million in sales.

Taking third place was the Bitcoin-based Uncategorized Ordinals compilation with $13.65 million in sales. Mythos’ Dmarket secured the fourth spot, and Immutable X’s Gods Unchained ranked fifth for the week. The highest sale was Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT #1,726, fetching $668,297 two days ago. A Bitcoin Honey Badgers NFT followed with a $110,256 sale, and BNB’s Lockdealnft rounded out the top three with a sale of $61,793. The fourth and fifth highest sales came from the Solana and Avalanche blockchains, respectively.

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