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SBINFT Mits goes live for global brands to market with NFTs

source-logo  invezz.com 30 January 2024 13:26, UTC

SBINFT, which is behind the largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in Japan, has launched a new NFT marketing platform known as SBINFT Mits to bring global brands into the NFT industry.

The company seeks to make it easier for global brands to market themselves through NFTs while unlocking unique customer benefits.

SBINFT to help global brands leverage NFTs in marketing

SBINFT is launching SBINFT Mits as a platform to bring Web2 and Web3 companies together through NFT projects. The platform seeks to build a loyal following inspired by digital collectibles.

SBINFT Mits will simplify the NFT project management system through features such as analytics tools and event management functionality. These features will work to support marketing campaigns.

The SBINFT Mits platform will also consolidate the NFT design and campaign management to unlock a user-friendly platform. The platform is targeting individuals and businesses with this new offering.

Those using the platform will access tools that will make designing and creating functional utility NFTs easy. These tools will also manage the minting and distribution process to improve the marketing strategy.

While commenting on the development, the CEO of SBINFT, Ko Jangdeok, opined that the platform would transform the NFT information technology industry. He believes that SBINFT would link global brands with the potential of NFTs through this platform.

“Launching SBINFT Mits is our stride into the NFT information technology revolution, where we believe the world is poised for transformative change,” Jangdeok said. “As we usher in a new era of digital collectibles and marketing, we stand resolute in our commitment to being at the center of this monumental shift.”

SBINFT aims to assist companies to “Be the FIRST. Be the STANDARD” within the Web3 industry. The platform plans to unlock more features later this year, including tools that will help companies mint NFT collections quickly and easily. Companies can also link NFTs with physical merchandise before shipping to NFT holders.

SBINFT Mits will have a points system where users will secure rewards by participating in marketing initiatives.

The platform is already garnering interest. Over 37 Japanese brands have signed up for the open beta that went live in October. Some renowned brands participating in the open beta include Securitize, Yucho Brewery, and travel firm H.I.S.

SBINFT has a large presence in Japan

The SBINFT platform supports NFT creators in launching the primary sales for their digital collectibles on the platform. Once primary sales are conducted, users can purchase NFTs through secondary sales through a peer-to-peer model.

SBINFT started as a blockchain business known as SmartApp in 2018 before launching an NFT marketplace in 2021. After joining the SBI group, it rebranded into SBINFT. With a 700 million JPY (equivalent to around $4.7 million), it is the largest NFT marketplace in Japan.

SBINFT is now expanding its offerings beyond NFT sales. It ventured into Web3 gaming NFTs in June last year following a partnership with the Oasys blockchain. The company expects to onboard gaming NFTs from global video game developers this year.

Given its reputation as a leading Web3 brand in Japan, SBINFT offers consultancy services to businesses and organizations looking to venture into NFTs. It also has a WebAPI-powered support service known as Token Connect that assists companies in setting up NFT marketplaces.

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