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XPLA forms an exclusive collaboration with Gall3ry

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 08 January 2024 11:17, UTC

XPLA establishes a partnership with Gall3ry, a social solution that promotes NFT holders to assume responsibility for their social identifications within a social network and alters the perception of NFTs. Gall3ry services allow users to generate their own identifiers, establish connections with individuals who share similar perspectives, and compile non-fungible token (NFT) collections for sharing on the Web3 domain.

One notable attribute among numerous is the innovative solution referred to as OCC (On-Chain Content). OCC transforms on-chain data into NFTs, which are highly utilized on a blockchain network. The utilization of this tokenized process facilitates the verification of content’s credibility and establishes ownership and origin through the transparent and immutable nature of blockchain technology.

Gall3ry has released the Axie ID Card Generator. This dApp will enable users to create a custom-made Axie ID Card and connect it with on-chain data that authenticates ownership of exclusive content. Users will also have the option of minting Axe ID Card mementos and winning special rewards.

In the Web3 space, true ownership is at the core of where XPLA comes in, with its priority being the P2O value in gaming. The two entities share a similar mission of propelling community potential and ownership exclusivities in the Web3 arena.

As stated by Paul Kim, the leader of the XPLA team, the association places significant importance on both XPLA and the NFT marketplace, X-PLANET. Their objective is to enhance the exposure’s innovation and empower holders.

The Pilots, through their continuous partnership with Gall3ry and XPLA, are at the forefront of expanding community awareness by integrating the cutting-edge OCC service. Their path forward consists of developing a futuristic Web3 in which effective community participation and genuine ownership coexist.

Gall3ry is a top-tier on-chain content collector backed by multinational venture capitalists including KB Securities, Samsung Ventures, Infobank, and Woori Financial Group. Their purpose is to create new ownership exposure by tokenizing on-chain content (OCC).

XPLA, on the other hand, is a tendermint-oriented layer 1 blockchain that serves as a digital media content storage space. Inspired by the philosophy of Explore and Play, XPLA offers a wide range of digital content along with a premier blockchain gaming platform supported by a sustainable ecosystem.