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Weekly NFT Sales Record Minor Ebb While Bitcoin Maintains Dominance

source-logo  news.bitcoin.com 06 January 2024 18:01, UTC

According to recent data, sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) over the last week declined by 1.31% to $308.23 million, a decrease of $4.09 million from the prior week’s $312.32 million. NFTs centered around Bitcoin remained at the forefront among 21 distinct blockchain networks, experiencing a 4.10% uptick in sales this week.

RBX Voucher Sale Leads the Pack in Priciest NFTs, as Uncategorized Ordinals Compilation Dominates This Week’s Collections

This week saw 873,268 NFT buyers and 619,949 sellers engaging in transactions worth $308.23 million in NFT sales. Despite the buyer and seller counts each surging over 20%, sales dipped slightly by 1.31% over the course of the week.

Non-fungible token sales volume over the past seven days.

The priciest NFT, an Ethereum-based “RBX Vesting Voucher #42,” fetched $741,910, equivalent to over 328 ether, four days ago. Following closely, the second-highest valued sale was an “ORDI BRC-20 NFT,” which changed hands for approximately 9.72 BTC or $428,277 two days ago, according to cryptoslam.io statistics.

The top five most expensive NFTs sold this past week.

Bitcoin secured the leading spot among 21 different blockchains with $138.58 million in sales, marking a 4.10% increase from the previous week. Ethereum claimed the second rank with NFT sales amounting to $69.51 million, a slight 0.88% decrease compared to the week prior.

The top three blockchains in terms of seven-day sales according to cryptoslam.io statistics.

Meanwhile, Solana secured third place with $49 million in sales, experiencing a notable 32.60% downturn from last week. Polygon’s NFT sales surged by 147.24% this week, positioning it fourth among the top blockchains in NFT sales, with a total of $21.36 million.

Finally, in fifth place, Avalanche reported $8.6 million in sales, a significant rise of 102.04% week over week. This week’s highest-grossing digital collectible collection originated from the Uncategorized Ordinals compilation, achieving $52.15 million in sales.

Gas-hero-coupon NFTs from Polygon followed, generating $8.35 million through the Polygon blockchain, while Solana’s Froganas amassed $8.25 million. BRC-20 NFTs garnered $6.03 million, and the Dokyo series on Avalanche contributed $5.84 million to this week’s NFT sales.

Despite a slight decline over the last seven days, the market maintains a robust stance, marking a 48% increase in month-over-month revenue with total non-fungible token sales reaching $1.71 billion.

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