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Enjin Beam upscales NFT allocation options

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 05 December 2023 11:21, UTC

Enjin Beam has enhanced its NFT allocation tool with the addition of an advanced Claim Conditions option. Developers will be able to provide NFT rewards for certain behaviors, such as accomplishing tasks and holding their NFTs, as a result of this.

Enjin Beam came into existence five years ago and has been responsible for releasing more than 687,473 NFTs. The continuous enhancement of its functions helps increase use cases and update its NFT distribution technology.

Claim conditions strengthen the user’s ability to establish the need to obtain their NFTs. This, in turn, improves the interactive exposure of giveaways while remaining in sync with the allocation of their drops with their creative objectives.

Various conditions have been introduced and tailor-made to meet every need. The first is the ENJ holdings, which is a pre-calculated quantity of ENJ that is required for proper user identification. The NFT ownership of a specific NFT can thus be established as a prerequisite, expanding the NFT’s potential.

Whitelist inclusion refers to whitelisted users gaining connectivity by rewarding individuals involved in various activities. Then there is Twitter follow, in which it becomes necessary for claimants to keep track of their Twitter account to receive a drop. Geographical restrictions will be implemented soon, permitting users from designated regions to reserve claims. This will prove advantageous for those who wish to concentrate on local engagement.

In order to optimize the process of submitting claims, Enjin has undertaken a redesign of the Enjin Wallet UX. They have simplified the process of submitting claims and reduced the number of clicks required to acquire any product. Providing all necessary information, demonstrating claim conditions, and immediately validating user credibility are all included.