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XRP Cafe Leads in 30D Secondary NFT Sales On XRPL with $196M+ in Volume

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 15 November 2023 13:26, UTC

XRP Cafe, a prominent NFT project on the XRP ledger (XRPL), now ranks as the leading NFT marketplace regarding secondary sales volume on a 30-day scale.

According to data from XRPL explorer Bithomp, XRP Cafe has led every other XRPL NFT project with a landslide margin concerning its 30-day transaction volume, particularly in secondary sales.

XRP Cafe Leads in NFT Secondary Sales

Bithomp statistics showed XRP Cafe recorded 52,909 in minted NFTs and 11,845 in unit sales. This figure in secondary sales represents a 79.75% increase from the number documented on October 15.

Collectively, XRP Cafe’s sale volume translated to 336,939 XRP and a dollar value exceeding $196 million.

Meanwhile, OnXRP, the XRPL NFT project that ranked closest to XRP Cafe, recorded 2,166 secondary sales and 19,396 minted NFTs. OnXRP commanded an XRP sales volume of 301,048, valued at over $175 million.

However, Sologenic, the third contender in NFT secondary sales, recorded a meager sales count of 98 with an XRP sales volume of 30,464. Given XRP Cafe’s remarkable record against rival NFT marketplaces, the project team took to the X platform to commemorate the achievement.

📣 Wow, we're the #1 NFT marketplace in volume, sales, and mints on the #XRPL this month 🤩‼️ pic.twitter.com/N346yebyae

— xrp.cafe ☕ (@xrpcafe) November 14, 2023

Nonetheless, while XRP Cafe led in the 30-day secondary sales volume, the project trailed behind when comparing the metric for primary sales. For context, primary sales refer to the initial selling of newly created NFTs directly by the creator, whereas secondary sales involve collectors reselling existing NFTs.

OnXRP Leads in NFT Primary Sales

According to Bithomp statistics, OnXRP has attained 9,342 NFTs sales count in the last 30 days with a sales volume worth $61,307.36. Meanwhile, XRP Cafe, despite recording a significantly higher number for minted NFTs, failed to rank second in primary sales.

DeFi platform OpulenceX was the closest contender to OnXRP. It saw a sales volume of $44,500.36. XRP Cafe ranked third on the list with a $34,514.11 primary sales volume. Furthermore, in terms of all-time primary sales, XRP Cafe dropped to fourth place on the ranking while OnXRP maintained its first position.


It is worth mentioning that the highlighted XRPL projects are progressing in the NFT scene, thanks to the implementation of XLS-20 in October 2022, which brought NFT to the blockchain.