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Gala Music Unveils Innovative STGE App with First Live Show

source-logo  blockster.com 10 November 2023 17:47, UTC

Gala Music, a trailblazing decentralized blockchain music platform, is excited to introduce the STGE app, a revolutionary free application that provides users with an unparalleled and rewarding way to explore and listen to their favorite music live while actively supporting the artists they admire.

The STGE app redefines the music discovery experience, offering users the opportunity to seamlessly discover and enjoy both new tracks and their all-time favorites while actively contributing to their beloved artists' success.

This groundbreaking app reflects Gala Music's steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of music and blockchain integration, aiming to forge stronger connections between artists and their fans.

The STGE App offers an array of exceptional features, including:

Live Parties: Immerse yourself in live music performances from renowned artists in real-time or enjoy on-demand access to past shows, all from the palm of your hand. Connect with the artist and fellow listeners using emojis and other social features.
Listening Parties: Dive into a world of hand-curated songs available for streaming 24/7/365. Connect with fellow music enthusiasts and uncover new favorites to enrich your song collection.
Your Gala Music Favorites, Now on Mobile: Access all your beloved tracks from the web platform. If you're already part of the Gala ecosystem, your liked tracks seamlessly transfer when you set up your STGE account.
Leaderboards and Rewards: Compete with others to ascend the leaderboard of top fans for your favorite artists. Earn rewards and gain recognition for your unwavering dedication and support.
Immersive Music Discovery: Embark on a journey through an extensive library of over 10 million songs, seamlessly integrated with your NFTs, offering a truly personalized listening experience.
Live Performances and Replays: Relish live music performances from renowned artists in real-time or revisit past shows at your convenience. Earn rewards for participating in virtual concerts.
Rewarding Engagement: Accumulate BEAMS (Gala Music's test token) by actively engaging with music, holding NFTs, and actively participating in the Gala Music ecosystem. Fans can redeem BEAMS for exclusive content, merchandise, and immersive experiences.

To celebrate the launch of STGE, Gala Music hosted its inaugural live streaming performance event featuring PLS&TY, an emerging star in the electronic music scene. Fans had the opportunity to join the artist in the DJ booth, virtually placing them right next to the action.

The event unfolded at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, New York, on November 5th at 1 AM EST. Users who tuned in, whether live or to the recording, received BEAMS as a token of gratitude for their support.
Gala Music's new app, STGE, is poised to redefine the music experience for users, offering unprecedented access to live performances by their favorite artists and increased rewards for both artists and their communities.
Don't miss out on this extraordinary musical journey. Download STGE for free on Apple or Android and embark on a captivating exploration of music and rewarding engagement.

About The STGE App

STGE is an ad-free app that streams new and free music, providing playlists that cater to every taste, mood, and style.

About Gala Music

Gala Music is a pioneering web3 music platform dedicated to revolutionizing the music industry through cutting-edge technology. By creating unique opportunities for emerging artists and bridging the gap between musicians and their fanbase, Gala Music is reshaping the way music is discovered, enjoyed, and experienced.