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Post Liechtenstein Unveils NFT Postage Stamp Art Edition

source-logo  coinspeaker.com 20 October 2023 10:56, UTC

Post Liechtenstein’s venture into NFTs is part of a broader trend among national postal services worldwide.

In a groundbreaking move that combines tradition with technology, Philatelie Liechtenstein, the official postage service division of the Principality of Liechtenstein, has unveiled its first-ever Non-Fungible Token (NFT) postage stamp art edition.

This innovative endeavor features digital artwork by the renowned pop artist Romero Britto, and it sets a new benchmark for the world of philately and digital art. The NFT postage stamp art edition is a unique offering that combines physical and digital elements. Each package includes a physical postage stamp featuring a piece of Romero Britto’s vibrant artwork.

Designed as a steel engraving by artists Barbara Bühler and Kurt Spirig “KUSPI,” this special stamp block serves both as a traditional and crypto stamp. Two numbered certificates of authenticity are included, one for the special stamp block and another for the limited art edition featuring the NFT.

The package also contains a letter from the philatelic “building bridges,” adding an additional narrative layer to the collection. Four VIP tickets for complimentary admission to the Liechtenstein LandesMuseum, along with a choice of sparkling wine, coffee, and cake, are part of the package. For the first 500 orders, a special gift personally signed by Romero Britto is included.

The heart of this groundbreaking venture lies in creating a limited issuance of 1,500 NFTs, each granting collectors virtual co-ownership of a larger artwork by Romero Britto. The original oil painting by Britto has been proudly displayed at Liechtenstein’s LandesMuseum, the country’s national museum, symbolizing the profound connection between tradition and the digital world that this project represents.

“The piece in the Liechtenstein National Museum not only stands for friendship but also represents the symbiosis of this partnership and the connection between tradition and the digital world,” Britto said in a statement.

Beyond Post Liechtenstein NFT: New Global Trend in Postal Services

Post Liechtenstein’s venture into NFTs is part of a broader trend among national postal services worldwide. The Faroe Islands recently launched an NFT-embedded stamp collection using real-time weather data to influence digital stamp versions.

Portugal’s post office has also issued its first NFT stamp, offering various rarities and unique benefits to owners. The Netherlands’ PostNL and Austria’s PostAG have also embraced NFTs to modernize philately.

While the adoption of blockchain technology by postal services is exciting, it’s essential to acknowledge Liechtenstein’s pioneering role in this trend. The country initiated its Stamp 4.0 project back in 2021, laying the foundation for this innovative NFT postage stamp art edition. As postal services globally explore the NFT space, Liechtenstein serves as a benchmark for what is possible.

“Stamp collectors are rarely young people these days. So, we decided together with Post Liechtenstein to link physical stamps to digital surprises and create an individual data room for every single stamp. We are very glad to help preserve the stamp as a great cultural heritage,” Friedrich Kisters, CEO of DynamicElement AG said in a remark.