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Nike and RTFKT's Dunk Genesis Sneakers: Exclusive Redemption for NFT Holders

source-logo  blockster.com 05 October 2023 17:20, UTC

Nike and RTFKT are set to make waves in the sneaker world as they unveil an exclusive opportunity for NFT holders. The Dunk Genesis, initially introduced as an NFT in April 2022, is now becoming a reality for collectors who are eager to step into the physical world with this iconic footwear.

RTFKT, a company acquired by Nike in late 2021, gained prominence for its groundbreaking digital sneaker creations. Now, they've announced a unique "forging event" for the Dunk Genesis, scheduled from October 18th to October 30th. During this limited window, lucky NFT holders will gain access to purchasing up to five pairs of real-life Dunk Genesis sneakers across three distinct colorways.

The allocation includes one Dunk Genesis "OG," along with two pairs each of the Dunk Genesis "Void" and Dunk Genesis "Clone X." Notably, upon redeeming their NFTs for the physical sneakers, the tokens will remain intact in the owner's wallet, adding a layer of value and uniqueness to the offering.

These sneakers will be meticulously crafted to order, with shipping expected to commence in June 2024. Although the specific designs of the three sneakers remain a closely guarded secret, RTFKT teased a prototype in August via Instagram. The Dunk Genesis retains the iconic Dunk Low silhouette while introducing a bold, tech-inspired sole unit and other intricate details that emphasize its cutting-edge appeal.

While the chance to mint the Dunk Genesis NFTs has passed, enthusiasts interested in owning the physical sneakers still have a pathway. They can purchase the necessary tokens through the OpenSea marketplace. As of now, the most affordable token available is priced at 0.125 ETH, approximately equivalent to $206. Alternatively, buyers can opt for an RTFKT MNLTH, which can be opened to obtain the coveted Dunk Genesis NFT. However, this route is pricier, with the lowest listing currently at 0.3 ETH, roughly $494.

Each pair of the RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis will be offered at a cost of the Ethereum equivalent of $222, with additional "gas fees" applicable. It's essential to note that once the forging event concludes, there will be no further opportunities to secure these exclusive sneakers, making them a true collector's item.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Nike and RTFKT further blurs the lines between the digital and physical realms of fashion, setting the stage for a thrilling future at the intersection of sneaker culture and NFTs.