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Diesel's Vert Watch Collection Blends Fashion and Web3 with NFT Avatars

source-logo  blockster.com 04 October 2023 15:09, UTC

Diesel, the renowned fashion brand, is diving headfirst into the world of Web3 with its latest project, Metamorph. Under the Metamorph umbrella, Diesel is unveiling the "Vert" timepiece collection, where each watch purchase includes a unique digital collectible. Moreover, Diesel is taking things a step further by introducing an immersive virtual world that shares the same name as the collection.

The physical Vert watch collection comprises five distinct iterations, two of which are limited editions. Glenn Martens, Diesel's Creative Director, describes these timepieces as reminiscent of "vertebrae" or "bone structure," showcasing the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries in design.

Customers who acquire a Vert watch will receive a special code, allowing them to register for a corresponding NFT.
This NFT will undergo a fascinating transformation across three stages, ultimately becoming an avatar referred to as an A:VERT:AR.
These avatars can then be used to explore the virtual world, which is accessible until November 17.

In a creative partnership with Web3 agency Artificial Rome, the Metamorph experience takes on a "game-like" appearance, mirroring the design aesthetics of the Vert watch. Players will embark on various challenges within the virtual realm to "reactivate time in a fictional land where time has stopped." Successful completion of these quests will grant participants access to a virtual concert featuring the artist Lil' Dre.

Diesel's fusion of fashion and music is not entirely new. Last month, the brand initiated a Metamorph NFT drop in collaboration with NFT music marketplace Public Pressure. This limited edition drop of 300 NFTs featured a soundtrack composed by Sejan Jansen and provided exclusive access to music events hosted by Public Pressure. Additionally, NFT holders received priority access to one of the limited edition Vert watches.

What sets Diesel's Web3 strategy apart is its inclusivity. Unlike certain other brands in the Web3 space, Diesel's approach welcomes participation from a broader audience, whether or not they own a Vert watch. Non-purchasers will still receive a base avatar to engage in the metaverse virtual experience.

Diesel's parent company, OTB Group, ventured into the metaverse realm in 2021 with the launch of BVX, a metaverse division headed by Stefano Rosso, a board member of Diesel's parent company. This strategic move underscores Diesel's commitment to pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry and embracing Web3 technologies.

The Vert project is a collaboration with Fossil Group, which holds the licensing rights to produce Diesel watches. The experience begins on November 2 at 10 p.m. ET and runs until 9 a.m. on November 17 on vert.diesel.com. Diesel's innovative approach aims to bridge the gap between Web3 natives and a broader audience, promoting the adoption of Web3 technologies in the fashion world.