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Moonbirds NFTs Head to Moon with PROOF and Space Blue

source-logo  blockster.com 19 September 2023 16:53, UTC

Los Angeles — In an unprecedented collaboration, art collective PROOF, renowned for its Moonbirds NFT collection, partners with Space Blue to send 254 unique Moonbirds NFTs with the coveted "Space Helmet" trait to the moon. This historic journey is part of the Lunaprise Museum project, a space mission aimed at preserving humanity's history, culture, and artwork on the lunar surface.

The Moonbirds NFTs will hold a special place in the Lunaprise Museum, where 222 iconic artists' projects spanning various artistic domains will be showcased. This includes fine art masters, priceless collectibles, digital art, music, film, and artifacts of art history.

The 254 Moonbirds with the Space Helmet trait will be engraved onto indestructible nickel plates, stored on Lunaprise disks, alongside other digital artworks. For more details about the Lunaprise Museum, visit spaceblue.club/projects/lunaprise-mission.

To commemorate this historic space mission on November 15th, a select group of 50 collectors who own a Moonbird with the Space Helmet trait will be invited to the launch and a black-tie gala event at the Kennedy Space Center.

A limited number of these collectors will receive commemorative official mission jackets adorned with custom embroidered patches, with additional jackets available for sale. Holders can find more information in the PROOF Discord.
"We’re honored for Moonbirds to be a part of this historic mission to preserve art and capture humanity."

Kevin Rose, Co-Founder & CEO of PROOF
The Lunaprise Museum features "The Humanity Hall of Fame," a single collection that uses words and photos engraved onto indestructible nickel plates and digital archiving to showcase our way of life for future civilizations.

It will be included in the payload of the NASA mission IM-1 Lunar Lander, scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, via a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket on November 15th, 2023, marking NASA's return to the moon after over 50 years.

The Lunaprise Museum's digital art pieces are etched onto indestructible nano fiche disks and pure nickel, ensuring they survive the rigors of outer space. These disks will last virtually forever and can be read using a microscope.


PROOF is a Web3-based community driven by the belief that art is proof of our collective humanity. PROOF’s mission is to create unique experiences for art collectors to connect with artists and own and champion their art. Co-founded in 2021 by tech entrepreneur and media producer Kevin Rose and digital artist Justin Mezzell, PROOF has built a community of artists and art collectors focused on the intersection of art, technology, and innovation.

About Moonbirds

Moonbirds is the art collector’s PFP. Each of the 10,000 digital artworks in the collection grants holders access to unique experiences to connect with artists and own and champion their art. As a community, Moonbirds is a home for creatives, dreamers, and collectors seeking real connection as we all contribute to the future of web3 art, culture, and technology.

Learn more about Space Blue at www.spaceblue.club.