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Top 5 NFT Collections by Volume Traded in September 2023

source-logo  cryptoticker.io 18 September 2023 00:09, UTC

NFTs have unlocked a new paradigm where digital collectibles, art, and even virtual real estate hold tangible value. As September 2023 draws to a close, let’s delve into the NFT collections that have made the most significant impact in the market, based on trading volume. Here is our list of the top 5 NFT collections by volume traded in September 2023.

NFT History: Know your facts

NFTs represent unique digital assets verified using blockchain technology. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, where each token is identical (or fungible), each NFT has a distinct value and specific information that makes it unique. This uniqueness, backed by blockchain’s secure and immutable nature, has opened doors for artists, musicians, and creators from various fields.

Why Volume Matters for NFTs?

Trading volume offers insights into the popularity and liquidity of an asset. Higher trade volumes often indicate a higher level of interest and can signify the asset’s acceptance within the community. For NFT collections, volume can provide a snapshot of the collection’s current relevance in the ever-evolving NFT market.

Top 5 NFT Collections by Volume Traded in September 2023

#1 Mutant Ape Yacht Club

  • Volume Traded (7 days): $9.26M
  • Volume Change: -1.39%
  • Holding the top spot, Mutant Ape Yacht Club has showcased resilience, with a slight dip. These unique mutant apes continue to capture the imagination of NFT enthusiasts.

#2 Bored Ape Yacht Club

  • Volume Traded (7 days): $7.46M
  • Volume Change: -24.34%
  • An elite counterpart to the Mutant Ape collection, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, despite a notable drop, remains a force to reckon with in the NFT space.

#3 Gods Unchained

  • Volume Traded (7 days): $4.36M
  • Volume Change: -14.74%
  • Merging the allure of collectible cards with the power of NFTs, Gods Unchained continues its strong presence. The collection’s unique gameplay elements and detailed artistry keep it relevant.

#4 DeGods

  • Volume Traded (7 days): $4.35M
  • Volume Change: +29.88%
  • A notable climber, DeGods has showcased impressive growth. The intrigue surrounding this collection is evident, making it one to watch in the coming months.

#5 Milady Maker

  • Volume Traded (7 days): $3.24M
  • Volume Change: +53.33%
  • One of the standout performers, Milady Maker, has seen a surge in volume. The collection’s unique aesthetic and exclusivity have struck a chord with NFT aficionados.