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Hoskinson Addresses Cardano NFTs

source-logo  u.today 31 August 2023 07:43, UTC

In a recent YouTube video, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, clarified his stance on his participation in the Cardano ecosystem's NFT (Non-Fungible Token) projects. Broadcasting from Colorado, Hoskinson explained that although he prominently displays artwork from the Apes Society in his office, it was a gift, and he has not received any payment or endorsement for it.

He went on to state that he maintains a general policy of not personally holding any NFTs from projects within the Cardano ecosystem. "I don't get endorsements from them nor would accept them," Hoskinson added, noting that while he appreciates the NFT art he's received, his showcasing of any particular project's work should not be interpreted as an endorsement.

Hoskinson further elaborated that his non-participation in these NFT projects is intended to establish a neutral baseline. He emphasized that he never publicly discloses an address to receive some NFTs despite getting numerous offers.

His neutrality prevents the perception of favoritism toward any particular NFT project in the Cardano ecosystem. "I fully appreciate that there are very strong groups of people and they have the particular things that make them fun and exciting to be a part of, and sometimes they get quite tribal," he said.

He also addressed the tribalism and strong community ties within the Cardano NFT ecosystem. Hoskinson called for these groups to collaborate and talk about their needs as NFT companies. The crypto mogul says that he enjoys engaging with various NFT creators and communities, especially at Cardano-focused conferences, but reiterates that he has no direct involvement in the day-to-day decisions of any specific NFT project.

Hoskinson's comments may temper speculation regarding his influence on Cardano's NFT projects and instill more confidence in their decentralization.