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Doodles Partners with Crocs for Exclusive NFT Sneaker Drop

source-logo  blockster.com 29 August 2023 06:46, UTC

Popular NFT brand Doodles is collaborating with footwear giant Crocs on a limited-edition sneaker release accompanied by exclusive digital collectibles.

Announced in August 2022, this creative crypto crossover merges Doodles' vibrant design aesthetic with Crocs' iconic clogs. Let's dive into the details of this inventive Web3 campaign.

Introducing the Doodles x Crocs Clog

The cornerstone of the partnership is the Doodles x Crocs Classic Clog. This real-world sneaker sports a custom camo colorway with Jibbitz charms showcasing Doodles characters like Burnt Toast, Pickle Guy, and more.
Only 1,000 pairs will be available globally. To add exclusivity, OG Doodles NFT holders get early 24-hour access to purchase the clogs at a discounted $99 price.
The clogs cost $120 for the general public. Each purchase also includes a special Crocs Box NFT providing access to additional virtual perks.

Complimentary Digital Collectibles

Along with the physical sneakers, buyers receive a Crocs Box NFT that unlocks:
2 Wearable NFT sneakers for virtual worlds
1 Metaverse STOODIO beta pass

This utility-bearing digital collectible complements the tangible clogs, blending real-world fashion with digital ownership.

Providing this hybrid physical/digital experience creatively aligns with Doodles' roots in pushing NFT adoption. It rewards supporters with both limited IRL apparel and exclusive NFTs.

Doodles Continues Pushing Boundaries

The Crocs collaboration exemplifies Doodles' experimental ethos. Other trendsetting moves include:
$44M Pharrell Williams NFT drop in May 2022
Doodles 2 launch bringing bespoke art and experiences
Doodles Movie Night debuting a short film for holders
Doodles board game bringing owners together IRL

By bridging digital art and physical activations, Doodles persists in reimagining creative possibilities in Web3.

Crocs Leans Into Metaverse Opportunities

Similarly, Crocs has proactively embraced fresh digital frontiers like the metaverse.
Recent Web3 initiatives from Crocs include:
Virtual stores in The Sandbox and Roblox metaverses
Digital wearables and NFTs for virtual worlds
Collaborations with eSports brand Gen.G and Mixhalo music metaverse
This appetite for innovation makes Crocs an ideal collaborator for experimental brands like Doodles seeking to maximize digital/physical creative interplay.

Mainstream Brands Tap Into Crypto Culture

Partnerships like Doodles x Crocs also showcase savvy Web3 marketing in action. Mainstream brands can tap into crypto's cutting-edge cultural cachet through selective collaborations, attracting younger demographics.

But beyond just brand building, these partnerships pioneered by Doodles offer true utility to communities through exclusive physical and digital drops. This deeper engagement strengthens lasting connections.

For legacy brands, it's a repeatable playbook to capture Web3 hype while also exemplifying its core ethos of leveraging technology in creative ways to strengthen bonds between brands and fans.


With their limited-edition sneaker and complementary NFT, streetwear brand Doodles and footwear icon Crocs prove once again the immense cultural potential of fusing physical fashion and digital ownership.

Not just chasing trends, these brands form a meaningful collaboration harnessing the strengths of each. Doodles' design chops and Crocs' manufacturing power manifest through creative utility.

The Doodles x Crocs capsule also underscores the ascendance of crypto culture into the mainstream. Expect more household names to follow Crocs' lead in bridging legacy brands with the energy and innovation of Web3.