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Chiliz Chain Announces Its First NFTs and Charity Auction

source-logo  coincodex.com 17 August 2023 12:42, UTC

Key highlights:

  • Chiliz just announced their "historic first NFTs" that use athletes' one-of-a-kind memorabilia to help rake in donations for great causes.
  • Chiliz and partners like Common Goal aim to harness the transparency of distributed ledgers to really track where the dough goes and give bidders a direct line-of-sight to the difference their bids make.

Sports and technology have long gone hand in hand. But now, one blockchain startup is taking that relationship to the next level- leveraging the power of crypto and NFTs to make a real difference in the world.

Chiliz, the sports-focused blockchain behind some of the biggest fan tokens out there, just dropped what they're calling their "historic first NFTs." But these aren't your average profile picture collectibles. As Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus explains, this isn't just about the tech or about buying digital goods- it's about using technology to drive positive social change.

Putting famous shirts to good use

In partnership with the philanthropic organization Common Goal, Chiliz is launching a unique charity auction they're calling the One Shirt Pledge. Global sports stars like Juan Mata, Victor Osimhen, and Giorgio Chiellini have all donated match-worn jerseys from their personal collections.

Now, these exclusive collectibles will be auctioned off on the Chiliz Chain - a Layer 1 blockchain built specifically for the sports world. But it's not just the shirts that are special. Each comes embedded with an NFC chip allowing the new owner to access a personalized video message from the athlete about why they chose to donate.

On top of that, ownership comes with a special Proof-of-Authenticity NFT to forever prove your own genuine memorabilia. It's a neat blend of the digital and physical.

Harnessing tech for transparency and impact

The overarching goal, though, is greater than just collecting cool sports goods. All auction proceeds will benefit Common Goal's initiatives focused on important issues like racial justice, mental health support, gender equity, and disaster relief.

By leveraging blockchain tech, Chiliz and Common Goal hope to take their impact and transparency to the next level. Potential donors can directly trace where their contribution went via the public ledger. And down the line, they envision crowdsourcing ideas from global sports communities on the problems that matter most to them.

For the full year 2023, CHZ price could climb as high as $0.283, potentially gaining over 300% from current prices.

So in summary- you get an exclusive piece of sporting history, help support meaningful causes, and get to proudly say you owned the very first NFTs on a major new blockchain. With initiatives like this, the possibilities of "blockchain for good" seem endless.