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MAGGI delivers their first digital collectibles

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 02 June 2023 12:54, UTC

MAGGI, which is the 130-year-old company, Nestle’s most celebrated brand, has come out and delivered its first lot of digital collectibles in the OneRare Foodverse. In order to carry out the honors pertaining to this exclusive collaboration, OneRare is initiating the introduction of MAGGI Noodles, as well as MAGGI Hot and Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce and MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic. All connected players will be provided with the opportunity of gathering the three ingredient NFTs belonging to the OneRare Farm. This can further be utilized for building sixteen exquisite MAGGI recipes.

Where the Noodles collection is concerned, it makes provision for ten sumptuous food items that bring together a whole list of flavors. The options seem to be endless. Like where Masala-ae-Magic is concerned, it holds a prominent place in most households and helps to give the added touch to every meal cooked and served. There are simply so many choices to spoil the taste buds.

The Hot and Sweet Sauce actually manages to fire up everything that it touches and transforms it into a meal for the ultimate food enthusiasts to feed upon. It has the power of tingling every single taste bud and leaves every person asking for just that much more.

Then there is the Super MAGGI Quest, where players are required to compete with each other to add the sixteen MAGGI NFTs and take it to level 7, through which the player who is able to enter the level 7 dishes will be the recipient of the ultimate treasure. As far as the prizes go, there will be the unique super MAGGI NFT. Along with that, the winner will be in the position of receiving 200,000 $ORARE, along with a generous hamper that will contain all the treasures of MAGGI.

OneRare, on its own part, is the first-ever Food metaverse, also known as Foodverse. They are actively involved in building a virtual world that will be targeted toward the dining industry that is appreciative of food within Web3. It will contain an all-inclusive gaming exposure, as well as virtual stand-alone restaurants and chefs who have mastered various cuisines.

It will all boil down to being one big food adventure of the future. Some of the activities it will be involved in is reaching out to Dish NFTs from all parts of the globe. They will be introducing food-based businesses to Web3. They will also be playing the role of food associates in Web3 projects. They will transform NFTs into the real world. Finally, they will begin a campaign on action against hunger.