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Gala Music Hosts Competition: Finalists Compete for Contract & Collaboration with Jordin Sparks

source-logo  blockster.com 01 June 2023 23:45, UTC

Jordin Sparks and Gala Music are paving the way for a new era in music. Gala Music, a decentralized music company, took center stage at VeeCon with its state-of-the-art mobile recording studio. Teaming up with American Idol alum Jordin Sparks, the platform introduced an innovative music competition series that merges the music community with Web3 technology.
Sixteen carefully selected finalists had the opportunity to record their music in Gala's cutting-edge mobile studio, competing for a coveted contract with Gala Music. The climax of their journey was a performance on VeeCon's mainstage alongside Jordin Sparks during the closing finale.

Following VeeCon, Jordin Sparks connected with the community on a Twitter Space this Wednesday, expressing her enthusiasm:
"To be able to be on a platform like Gala Music and to see the support that you (Gala Music) give so many different artists whether you've been signed to a label or you're just starting or you know you're in the middle of your career like I think it's amazing to be a part of this."
Now, fans have had chance to participate in a community vote all week to determine which of the three artists will collaborate with Jordin Sparks on an exclusive track. The final votes will be cast on Friday June 2nd to announce the final winner.

Embracing Web3: Gala Music's Innovative Approach

What sets Gala Music apart is their approach to talent discovery for NFT music projects. By directly engaging with artists and eliminating traditional intermediaries, they empower artists in the Web3 space. Their presence at VeeCon exemplified their commitment to harnessing the power of Web3, offering exclusive activations to the VeeFriends Web3 community.

This event signifies a departure from the limitations that artists have historically faced in community-led talent contests. Even Jordin Sparks herself experienced these limitations back in 2007. Gala Music's model allows artists to not only be empowered by fan communities but also have ownership of their work, free from the constraints of record labels.

Sparks reiterated her excitement about the new opportunities Web3 music brings, stating, "With the new opportunities provided by Web3 music, both artists and their fans can also be better rewarded."
"I believe in paying it forward to the next generation of talent & partnering with Gala Music to make it happen."

Jordin Sparks
Through their collaboration, Jordin Sparks and Gala Music are revolutionizing the music industry, empowering artists, and providing fans with unprecedented access and rewards. Together, championing a new movement where information and opportunities are not gatekept, but shared freely among artists and their supporters.