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Korean Travel Retailer Store Duty Free to Expand NFT Marketing

source-logo  beincrypto.com 31 May 2023 00:56, UTC

Hyundai Department Store Duty Free, a renowned travel retailer based in Seoul, has been trailblazing its way through the NFT marketing landscape.

A recent collaborative venture with an innovative digital art firm and a metaverse service provider has further solidified its position at the forefront of NFT marketing​​.

NFT Marketing: A Unique Approach

In an industry-first, Hyundai Department Store Duty Free has leveraged the expertise of SMATh World to create two unique digital characters. One is Newnique Traveler, and the second is Banana Noma. These characters are featured prominently in online and offline pop-up stores.

Indeed, they create an immersive experience that blends digital art and retail in a captivating way​.

A spokesperson for Hyundai Department Store Duty Free said that it is a spectacle of digital artistry. It showcases and sells digital art and goods based on the two unique characters​​.

Banana Noma at Hyundai Department Store Duty Free. Source: HDDFS

Furthermore, in collaboration with Olim Planet, Duty Free also introduced The Lost Cosmos. This virtual pop-up store is designed to transport customers into a virtual shopping environment.

Here, customers can purchase a diverse range of goods. These include hoodies and t-shirts, all within the store’s immersive virtual environment​.

Moreover, the retailer introduced an exclusive offer to enhance customer engagement. It enabled users to purchase a limited-edition, credit card-shaped gold bar imprinted with a character logo.

The goal is to entitle the customer to a complimentary digital NFT character.

Newnique Traveler Gold Card. Source:HDDFS

As a result, this unique approach adds value to the customer’s shopping experience and underscores the retailer’s commitment to innovative NFT marketing strategies​​.

Pioneering Digital Trends

Through its pioneering NFT marketing initiatives, Hyundai Department Store Duty Free seeks to lead digital trends in Korea.

By working closely with digital companies and leveraging the potential of virtual spaces such as the metaverse, the retailer aims to broaden its sales channels and offer customers unique, engaging experiences​​.

The future of retail lies in the digital realm, and Hyundai Department Store Duty Free appears to be leading the charge. Consequently, revolutionizing the customer experience with its cutting-edge NFT marketing strategies.

NFT Users Worldwide. Source: Statista

As the company expands its digital presence, it sets a new standard for the duty-free market. Furthermore, customer interaction and engagement are seamlessly woven into the fabric of digital innovation.