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Daehong Communications Partners with Chainlink Labs for NFT Projects

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com 22 May 2023 22:38, UTC
  • Daehong Communications and Chainlink Labs collaborate to revolutionize Lotte Group’s NFT projects.
  • Lotte Group introduces L.PASS NFT, prioritizing access to future projects.
  • Chainlink’s Oracle solutions empower seamless connectivity for Web3 initiatives.

Seoul, South Korea – Leading Korean advertising agency Daehong Communications has recently joined forces with Chainlink Labs, a major Web3 services platform Chainlink developer. This strategic partnership aims to support the Lotte Group, a renowned Korean conglomerate. This helps Lotte Group for its ambitious Web3 initiatives, particularly in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Leading Korean advertising agency @Daehongofficial has entered into a partnership with @chainlinklabs.

See how the partnership helps support #Web3 initiatives from Korean conglomerate Lotte Group across several business use cases ⬇️https://t.co/5VoqT6PhM0 pic.twitter.com/BypPwrzQWG

— Chainlink (@chainlink) May 22, 2023

By leveraging Chainlink’s cutting-edge technology, Daehong Communications endeavors to enhance the transparency and verifiability of Lotte Group’s NFT projects. However, it ensures fairness and customer satisfaction. Through this collaboration, Lotte Group can unlock many high-quality Web3 services, catering to various business use cases within the conglomerate.

With its rich history and expertise in the advertising industry, Daehong Communications is poised to revolutionize Lotte Group’s NFT ventures. Spearheaded by the successful rebranding of the Bellygom NFT project, Daehong is primed to develop a diverse portfolio of unique and extensive NFT projects. Meanwhile, this effectively adapts to market trends and provides an unparalleled customer experience.

As part of the collaboration, Lotte Group will introduce “L.PASS,” a random box-type NFT that grants holders priority access to future NFT projects within the Lotte NFT ecosystem. Integrating Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) will ensure transparency and randomness in the selection process. Initially, L.PASS will be distributed among holders of the Bellygom NFT project before extending to Daehong’s Web3 partners.

Integration of L.PASS: Ensuring Transparency and Randomness

Chainlink Labs is the leading provider of secure and reliable open-source blockchain oracle solutions. It offers seamless connectivity between smart contracts and external data sources. Also, it is empowering developers with real-time access to a wide range of off-chain data. With its comprehensive Oracle framework, Chainlink is the industry standard for decentralized oracles across various blockchains.

Chainlink’s expansive ecosystem, comprising over 1,500 projects, facilitates the integration of decentralized data feeds. Additionally in innovative contract automation solutions, asset reserve verification, and a provably random number generator. Moreover, Chainlink acts as a bridge, facilitating the transition of Web2 companies into Web3 by providing a universal gateway to all blockchains.

Empowering Lotte Group’s Web3 Ventures

Daehong Communications, an affiliate of the Lotte Group, has continually showcased its innovation and creativity within the advertising and marketing sectors. Backed by Lotte Group’s robust infrastructure and four decades of marketing expertise, Daehong is determined to deliver an unprecedented Web3 experience to the global audience. Nevertheless, it cements its position as the primary NFT player within the conglomerate.

This strategic partnership between Daehong Communications and Chainlink Labs signifies a significant milestone for Lotte Group’s foray into Web3 initiatives. As the adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology continues to grow, this collaboration promises to unlock new opportunities for Lotte Group. This is driving innovation and customer engagement in the ever-evolving digital landscape.