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Fracton Protocol Emerges as Top Holder in Blue-Chip NFT Collections

source-logo  coinedition.com 08 May 2023 14:51, UTC

Fracton Protocol announced today that it had achieved a major milestone by becoming the top holder in several renowned blue-chip NFT collections. Fracton Protocol’s holdings include Doodles, Mfers, Valhalla, Genuine Undead, Renga, Fluf, and ENS 10k Club.

The innovative NFT infrastructure has achieved this impressive feat through its fractionalization strategy and integration with KuCoin. Chido, Global Head of Community at Fracton Protocol, said:

We are incredibly honored to become the top holder in these prestigious NFT collections. It highlights Fracton Protocol’s commitment to supporting valuable digital assets and our influential role in the NFT ecosystem.

Fracton Protocol has unlocked liquidity by enabling retail traders to access high-value NFT collections, positioning itself as a crucial player in the rapidly expanding NFT market. Chido added, “Our involvement brings increased visibility and liquidity to these projects, ultimately benefiting the entire NFT community and paving the way for future growth and success.”

Fracton Protocol’s rapid growth and total value locked (TVL) that surged to over 7,000 ETH in under 10 months are testaments to its potential to reshape the NFT landscape.

In addition, Fracton Protocol’s achievement comes only two weeks after surpassing $3 billion in trading volume on Kucoin, a remarkable feat for a platform that launched its line of fractional hiNFT tokens just 10 months ago.

Fracton Protocol’s emergence as the top holder in several prominent blue-chip NFT collections is an accomplishment that emphasizes the importance of engaging and incorporating crypto users in the NFT space.

By securing its position as the top holder in multiple blue-chip NFT collections, Fracton Protocol reaffirms its status as a leading player in the quest for mass NFT adoption.