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Replay Empowers Video Content Creators With NFT-Gating Video Capabilities Powered by Theta Network

source-logo  cryptonews.net 20 April 2023 13:58, UTC
Denis Goncharenko

Theta Network's NFT expertise may now be used to protect video content on Replay, a blockchain platform that is reinventing video for Web3. By making this change, Replay will allow media companies, streaming platforms, and FAST channel owners to provide their users with access to premium live streams and on-demand content. Any smart TV or device may use the NFT-gating video features, which also provide easy Web3 monetization, distribution, and syndication.

As tradable, ownable, and resellable keys to video material, Replay Digital Collectibles may be granted by top video applications on smart TVs, mobile devices, and the web. Replay first used this in 2022, and it allowed them to successfully sell NFTs in conjunction with FlixFling by bundling their subscription library.

Replay's Replay Dash technology for gamifying content enables for any mix of AVOD, SVOD, and free video to be protected by an NFT. This function enables video makers to increase their ad income and provide uninterrupted viewing for their most loyal collectors. In addition to facilitating the creation of new NFTs, Replay makes it simple for web3 collections and media companies to maintain the interest of their communities via the use of badges, missions, and prizes.

Theta Network's authentication and peer-to-peer content distribution powers Replay NFTs, making encrypted video behind them safe and easily accessible. With the Replay tracking protocol, content owners have access to near real-time video analytics, since it tracks every minute of play. Replay is ready to deploy its own Theta subchain in Q2, further demonstrating Theta's importance in pushing breakthroughs in decentralized video technology as an early adopter of the protocol's Metachain scaling design.

Remarks from executives

According to Replay CEO Krish Arvapally, "Content Creators of All Kinds are Increasingly Seeking to Connect More Deeply with Their Fans," and Replay is pleased to facilitate this goal with its adaptable NFT content model. Video creators of all stripes are increasingly turning to digital collectibles as a means of giving their audiences greater access to and ownership in their communities, whether they be niche streaming services offering paid access to large libraries or influencers or streamers offering bonus content to their "patrons."

The CEO of Theta Labs, Mitch Liu, has said that "Replay's disruptive approach to the streaming wars perfectly aligns with Theta blockchain's purpose-built video infrastructure." With this collaboration, we can make it simple for video applications and streaming services to include decentralized token-gated video, which will enable them to filter and package content in novel ways, hence improving profitability and engagement.

Thanks to Replay's new NFT-gating video features, artists and media companies can use blockchain technology to forge deeper connections with their audiences. The platform's leadership in decentralized video technology is strengthened by its relationship with Theta Network and the imminent launch of the Theta subchain.