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Unstoppable Domains Launches AI-Generated Avatars

source-logo  coindesk.com 30 March 2023 16:34, UTC

Web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains is rolling out artificial intelligence (AI)-generated profile pictures (PFP), allowing users to enhance their digital identities.

Much like popular AI photography application Lensa, Unstoppable’s AI avatar software draws from a series of images to create unique and realistic PFPs that are computer generated. Users who pay a fee of $14.99 can upload up to 20 images of themselves, and within an hour can access 200 images generated by the software. These images can then be minted as a non-fungible token (NFT) on sidechain Polygon and used as an Unstoppable PFP.

The PFPs minted by users are also available for purchase on secondary marketplace OpenSea.

Lisa DeLuca, senior director of engineering at Unstoppable, told CoinDesk that bringing AI innovation to Unstoppable will help users further tap into their digital identities as they connect their domains across decentralized applications, games, metaverses and more.

“The cool thing about AI is it adds a technical flair to who you are in a digital representation that allows you to be creative and show that side of you, and also show that you're experimenting in the space of AI,” said DeLuca. “It just allows you to nerd out a little bit when you're showing off your digital identity.”

Unstoppable has been pushing out products with a mission to help users build out their Web3 identities. In January, Unstoppable teamed up with metaverse platform Ready Player Me to provide users with custom avatars for the domain profiles. Last week, Unstoppable rolled out a Polygon-based messaging service, allowing users to send encrypted messages to each other on-chain.