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Shiba Inu Launches New Twitter Account For Its NFT Project

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 29 March 2023 09:03, UTC

Shiba Inu has launched a new Twitter account for The SHIBOSHIS.

In a tweet yesterday, prominent SHIB influencer Lucie announced the launch of a new Twitter account for Shiba Inu’s non-fungible token (NFT) Shiboshi. The Twitter account dubbed “THE SHIBOSHIS” was created yesterday by the Shiba Inu team.

The account has attracted a following from Shiba Inu’s community members, including lead developer Shytoshi Kusama. At press time, THE SHIBOSHIS account attracted a total of 899 followers.

So far, the Twitter account has only made one post, which reads:

in the meanwhile…

— THE SHIBOSHIS (@shiboshisworld) March 28, 2023

It bears mentioning that the account will focus on sharing relevant information about Shiba Inu’s NFT project. The Shiba Inu influencer further disclosed that a new agency would take over the account to manage while calling on other SHIB enthusiasts to follow the Shiboshisworld website.

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: @shiboshisworld – new website
New agency to take over
Follow please the website! pic.twitter.com/i6jztJLSD1

— 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐄 (@LucieSHIB) March 28, 2023

Following the development, the SHIBOSHIS is the latest Shiba Inu project to own a dedicated Twitter account. As reported last month, the team behind Shiba Inu launched a Twitter account for Shibarium, the cryptocurrency’s upcoming layer-2 network which is currently in the Public beta phase. The account has amassed over 13.7K followers and is focused on sharing Shibarium-related information.

Shiba Inu’s NFT Project

The SHIBOSHIS is Shiba Inu’s non-fungible token. It is an exclusive collection of 10K NFTs, each representing a unique, randomly-generated pixel art Shiba Inu avatar. Shiba Inu noted that the SHIBOSHIS dominated the Ethereum blockchain during its first minting phase on October 14 by selling out in 34 minutes.

According to an announcement, LEASH holders were given exclusive access to purchase a SHIBOSHI during the minting phase, with each investor allowed to purchase only 10 SHIBOSHIS.

Notably, the first 3,000 SHIBOSHIS were minted at the price of 0.1 ETH worth of LEASH, while the next 5K NFTs were minted at the rate of 0.2 ETH worth of LEASH. Furthermore, the remaining 2K SHIBOSHIS were minted for 0.3 ETH worth of LEASH.

Since the minting phase ended in less than one hour, interested SHIBOSHI investors can only purchase the NFTs from current owners. Per data from leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, The SHIBOSHIS has 3,562 holders. The floor price of the asset class is set at 0.3195 ETH, worth $577.