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Web3 Community Management Platform TYB Joins Shopify App Store

source-logo  coindesk.com  + 1 more 22 March 2023 14:16, UTC

Web3 community and brand management platform Try Your Best (TYB) is joining leading e-commerce provider Shopify’s app store, allowing its roster of brands to connect a TYB widget to their Shopify checkout experience.

TYB, an Avalanche-based amplification platform that allows businesses to integrate blockchain-based rewards like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), will now be accessible to retailers on Shopify. Businesses can use the app to expand their loyalty programs and provide customers with engagement-based challenges, discounts and exclusive drops.

The platform has already onboarded popular retail brands like JuneShine and Topicals into its ecosystem.

Breana Teubner, chief operating officer of TYB, told CoinDesk that the company aims to help brands increase their community engagement through Web3 technologies and onboard as many Web2-native businesses as possible to decentralized ecosystems.

“We want to bring TYB to brand communities, and it's very simply a tool that allows brands to directly connect with, prompt and engage their communities,” said Teubner. “The Shopify component is really closing the loop on allowing the brand community members to redeem their collectibles for cool perks.”

Alex Danco, director of product at Shopify, said TYB is changing the way brands interact with their customers.

"Token-gating is the next frontier of loyalty and buyer engagement, and we're thrilled to see TYB, founded by a team that has built multiple brands themselves, come to life for merchants everywhere," said Danco in a press release.

Shopify has recently been making its way into Web3. In July 2021, the company made plans to support merchants selling NFTs in their storefronts, and in January, Shopify added support for business owners to create, mint and sell Avalance-based NFTs on the platform.


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