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Cardano Founder Says NFT Is 'The Most Vibrant Part' Of ADA Ecosystem

source-logo  cryptonews.net 07 March 2023 13:23, UTC
Anna Martynova

The virtual currency market is going through an unfavorable period. However, the issue does not affect NFT-related projects in the Cardano ecosystem. According to Charles HOSKINSON, NFTs are currently the most vibrant part of the ADA. At the moment, most of the Cardano projects are related to NFTs. Last week, NFTs were among the top Cardano projects with the highest engagement rate. After NFT there were JPG Store, The Piggy Banking Barn and Satellite CNFT.

Charles Hoskinson also talked about the various innovations planned for the NFT ADA. The Cardano ecosystem plans to implement a domain-specific language soon. It will be a user-friendly and very easy to learn language called Marlowe. It will be used to write and execute financial contracts. Right now, the Cardano team is considering Marlowe for NFTs. Team members are checking to see if Marlowe can be used to release NFTs or program their logic.

The team is also working on the Atala PRISM solution. It is an identity protocol built on the Cardano blockchain. The system will be linked to the NFT because each ID will be unique, just like each NFT. The programmers plan to associate the token with a certain personal attribute – a face scan or a fingerprint, and then store this information on the blockchain. Such an NFT will replace the usual identity card.

Image: Information Age