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Ever expanding NFT


en.cryptonomist.ch 28 January 2023 07:27, UTC
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NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are a phenomenon that is steadily expanding in every field. Art, music, games, and now the Italian “Arma dei Carabinieri” are releasing their first NFTs.

Indeed, the new Arma dei Carabinieri calendar bears the signature of the Armando Testa Agency, with the unmistakable style that has made synthesis, visual paradox and image research its stylistic hallmark for decades.

Each of the calendar’s 16 artistic panels starts from an element belonging to the visual universe of the Carabinieri, revisited and interpreted in an iconic key.


The first NFT of the Arma: the cover becomes a digital artwork

For the first time in the history of the Carabinieri Historical Calendar, the 2023 edition evolves into an integrated art project with a complete digital ecosystem including a dedicated website and an NFT artwork.

The NFT is sold paired with a special edition of the cover: a print set at four depth levels that creates a three-dimensional effect such that it evokes the movement effect of the NFT even on paper.

An absolutely exceptional event, which will make this edition coveted and unique. So, the cover of Calendar 2023 is transformed into an NFT, a work of crypto-art that is certified and authenticated on the blockchain.

It comes in a limited run of ten copies in which the cover comes alive with a three-dimensional effect, becoming a true digital collectible. In addition, the operation has a charitable purpose.

The ten copies will in fact be sold online on the Charity Stars platform, and the proceeds will go to the Complex Structure of Pediatric Oncology of the National Institute of Tumors in Milan.

Charity Stars has been an official partner of the operation for years, specializing in charitable crowdfunding activities. On 28 October, during the Calendar launch event, the auction for the sale of the first NFT officially opens.

The next nine examples will instead be offered for sale at a fixed price, according to the price achieved by those who won the first NFT at the auction.

Yves Saint Laurent launches “YSL Beauty Night Blocks” NFTs

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty recently launched a two-part NFT campaign titled “Black Opium: The Night Is Ours.” The campaign was done to honor their Black Opium fragrance line.

The first part of this campaign is a 2014 NFT launch “YSL Beauty Night Blocks,” a tribute to the year the fragrance was created. In addition, the legendary fashion brand aims to combine the purchase of a physical product with a digital collectible.

The private sale takes place on 1 March and the public sale on 3 March. There are 2,000 original units in the collection and 14 ultra-rare NFTs. All collectibles perfectly capture the essence of the Black Opium Eau de Parfum universe.

In addition, the ultra rare editions feature YSL’s latest addition to the fragrance franchise: Black Opium Le Parfum. The name of this particular entrant was given to it via YSL’s Instagram and Twitter communities.

In addition, owners get various utilities by purchasing the NFT, such as access to the private sale of the second chapter of Black Opium’s web3 activation “The Night is Ours.” Or, a yslbeauty.com gift certificate along with the NFT.

After Drop 1, holders of “YSL Beauty Blocks” are notified directly to their wallets of the second drop. This second drop also opens up early access to the brand’s web3 community during the private sale hosted on the website. YSL also states that the second drop includes inspiring female artists. The brand will unveil the artists shortly.

Binance’s new rules to eliminate NFTs with low trading volume

Binance, the leading web3 exchange, is tightening its rules regarding NFTs. In fact, the exchange plans to remove NFTs with low trading volumes and those listed before the platform’s KYC rules from the list in February.

The new rules are introduced in accordance with new regulatory rules. On 19 January, Binance announced that it had tightened its rules for listing NFTs/digital assets on the platform.

As of 2 February this year, the platform will remove all NFTs listed before 2 October 2022 and with an average daily trading volume of less than $1,000 between 1 November 2022 and 31 January 2023. In addition, after 21 January, 2023, NFT creators and digital artists can mint only five digital collectibles per day.

The Binance platform relies on Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications for its collections. Sellers must complete KYC and also have at least two followers before being listed on their platform.

The platform also states that it will periodically review NFT listings that do not meet its standards. So, if the collections do not meet its guidelines, they are removed from the platform.

Specifically, Binance stated:

“Users can report NFTs or collections that may violate the Binance NFT minting rules and terms of service. Our due diligence team will actively review reports of fraud or rule violations and take appropriate action.”

The delisting of Binance NFTs must be completed by 2 February 2023. However, delisted assets will still appear in users’ wallets.

This move is a result of Binance being under intense regulatory scrutiny due to faltering KYC allegations against the platform. In addition, there are allegations of illegal fund processing, which the platform has denied.

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