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Dark Country introduces Daily NFT rewards

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 04 January 2023 13:41, UTC

Dark Country, which happens to be the team at the back of the play-to-earn game, is now generously offering rewards to the top five players. This is being done in the form of exclusive NFTs and on a daily basis. There will incidentally be a variation in the amount of rarity of the rewards on offer, with the player attaining the very top position receiving a large number of rewards. Also, in order to have the attention and engagement of the players, they will pursue the additions made to the ecosystem.

The Dark country game by itself happens to be a collectible card game.

It contains the play-to-earn feature as in tournaments. The players also have the opportunity of attaining influence with the sponsoring of quests, where land interaction is concerned. This influence, too, becomes instrumental in players receiving frequent payoffs.

In their turn, the best five players can unlock Hero Cards. However, the player amongst them who finds himself right on top will be offered a Rare Card on the weekdays, followed by an Epic Card on the weekends. The rest of the players will also be offered Common Hero Cards. In turn, these will turn out to be extremely beneficial for the players as they will be in the position of earning many more rewards, being part of Dark Country gameplay.

The catch here happens to be that the influence reduces on a day-to-day basis. The Hero Cards can be utilized for land staking, made doable by the WAX network. These NFT reward cards can be used throughout the game. Additionally, the NFT staking boosts payout and regular influence on players.