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NFTs: Habbo, Prada, Ledger, Reddit and Sorare

source-logo  en.cryptonomist.ch 08 December 2022 08:41, UTC

Among this week’s new NFT launches and news, we find exclusive new features such as the NFT projects of Habbo, Prada, Ledger, Sorare and Reddit.

The digital world evolves so quickly that it is often almost impossible to follow the latest news and discover it at the right time. To be there a moment before something “explodes” economically, taking on value that most of the world had not imagined, is the dream of every modern investor.


Habbo, Prada, Ledger, Reddit and Sorare

From the announcement of the launch of Habbo’s collections on OpenSea to Prada’s seventh NFT collection, this week was full of exclusive news for the Non Fungible Token world. In parallel, NFTs on the Reddit platform reached their all-time high in the bear market period, Lionel Messi joined Sorare’s shareholders, and Ledger assembled a ready-to-launch NFT collection.

Here are the week’s latest news and launches regarding the world of NFTs.

HABBO X was released on 1 December

Habbo is a vintage pixel-art-style virtual community where you can create your own avatar, meet new friends, chat, build Rooms, design Games and play with other users, and much more. The Habbo X platform, focused mainly on NFTs, has been launched on 1 December. Announced as early as April 2022, Habbo X is a new fully integrated Web 3 server. The project aims to create a new hotel (in the metaverse) for socializing in a world powered by NFTs.

With a focus on NFTs, Habbo X represents the company’s plan to focus on play-to-earn and tokenomics, where it will issue NFTs that players will be able to buy, own, or resell if they wish. Players will be able to own their own rooms in the hotel world and create their own monetized play-to-earn games.

Habbo X will become a distinct space where the Habbo and NFT communities can mingle.

Valtteri Karu, CEO of Sulake, said in an interview:

“Habbo has always been at the forefront of creating virtual communities for gamers and social creators, and we want to lead this change with the adoption of new blockchain technologies. Our goal is to maintain Habbo as a social pioneer of the endless possibilities available in the Web 3.0 metaverse.”

Prada and its new NFT collection dedicated to Christmas

Prada, in celebration of the holiday season, launched its new special sweater that is part of the Timecapsule series, a project of the brand that releases one new product per month. For the holiday season, the luxury house went all out by invoking Christmas feelings with a warm merino wool garment.

It is a luxury garment, costing $3750, which was made available for about 24 hours in only 50 pieces, in keeping with the traditions of the Timecapsule collection. Obviously, the Christmas sweater sold out in no time, partly because owning such a rarity allows one to enter the world of NFTs. In fact, each of the 50 sweaters is sold paired with an associated NFT, which will be delivered 45 days after the item’s purchase.

Reddit breaks record for minted NFTs

Good news for the Reddit platform, which breaks the record with the most minted NFTs on the platform. As many as 255,000 NFTs were minted in a single day, the number of Reddit NFT holders increased from 3.5 million to about 4.5 million. This is another major step forward for the world of NFTs, which is experiencing a remarkable moment both online and offline.

Reddit had been making headlines thanks to the staggering price increase of its NFT collections reaching excesses of 799%. The previous record of 200,000 daily mints was eclipsed bringing the number of NFT Reddit holders to 4.4 million wallets. These mostly belong to users of the social platform.

The Reddit social network is very connected with the world of cryptocurrency, with millions of users exchanging news and information regarding the ecosystem since time immemorial. Given the great interest in the crypto world on the platform, it was inevitable that the founders and managers of Reddit themselves would take an interest in this world, prompting their social network to implement a series of moves to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Ledger is planning to assemble a collection of NFTs

Ledger, a hardware wallet development company aims to launch a new collection of NFTs. The company has also created an internal working group and a non-profit fund to support artists.

The idea of diversifying its activities, through NFTs tantalizes Ledger’s mind; the desire to involve the company in more projects is a long-term goal of the executives.

Jean Michel Pailhon, the chief curator of the Ledger NFT Art collection, sees NFTs as the next big art trend, taking the influence of the Beatles in the 1960s or rap in the 1990s as a point of comparison:

“Similarly, we believe that the 2020s will be remembered as the decade of NFTs, triggering a secular trend of mass adoption of digital art. By 2030, NFT artists will be among the most popular and successful contemporary artists.”

Leo Messi invests in Sorare and becomes ambassador

The Argentine legend has purchased an equity stake in the blockchain-based fantasy game, beginning a business partnership. Leo Messi and Sorare, one of the greatest players in soccer history and the highly successful blockchain-based fantasy game, have started a new commercial collaboration.

Indeed, La Pulga has purchased an equity stake in the French company, becoming its de facto ambassador. This new partnership will lead to the striker providing content and experiences for fans on the non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform, with the huge spotlight given by the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in the background.

Nicolas Julia, CEO and co-founder of Sorare, said:

“We believe Messi will help us set new standards in the way we do this work, and we look forward to sharing soon the new content and fan experiences we are collaborating on.”