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Unbound Now Issues Limited-Edition NFTs on Telos Blockchain

source-logo  coincodex.com 05 December 2022 08:53, UTC

The foremost antihuman trafficking agencies network, Unbound Now, is on the verge of incorporating Web3 solutions to improve the impacts of its initiatives. The team has identified some key Web3 opportunities and will start harnessing them. Firstly, it will launch limited-edition NFTs on the Telos blockchain in order to explore new crowdfunding opportunities and create a higher sense of community and education.

For years, Unbound Now has spearheaded the fight against human trafficking in America and the rest of the world. Its decade-long service has been immensely beneficial to about 1,000 survivors. The network has also empowered over 24,465 youth and trained about 22,896 professionals at the time of writing this post.

A Network of Changemakers

Founded about a decade ago, Unbound Now has a vision of building a future where every community is free from human trafficking. In addition to supporting trafficking survivors, the network provides resources for communities fighting human trafficking. Its global reach is undisputed with offices in the U.S. and several other countries.

Through years of service, Unbound Now has established that every community has unique needs that require different solutions and approaches. Currently, it focuses on three core pillars:

  • Professional Training – the network has trained several professionals to identify and serve victims of human trafficking
  • Survivor Advocacy – the network provides the right support to victims of human trafficking, meeting their immediate needs and creating avenues for them and their families to access the resources they need for their restoration journey
  • Prevention and Awareness – the network also empowers and educates youth (and other vulnerable groups) to understand the dangers of human trafficking and find ways to prevent cases and defeat the evil practice

Tapping Into the Power of Web3 and Blockchain Technology

As a forward-thinking organization, Unbound Now is eager to utilize available technologies and trends to achieve its visions. The team has acknowledged the potential of Web3 and now seeks to use it to create a society with a better future. Telos blockchain is definitely a great choice too.

It is not surprising that Unbound Now is starting its Web3 journey with the issuance of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The upcoming ‘Telos x Unbound Now NFT collection’ represents tokens that are designed as a creative take on the network’s mission and ultimate cause.

There’ll be 439 unique tokens, and each NFT will represent a survivor saved by Unbound Now in 2021. Each NFT will serve as a key to hope for victims of human trafficking and also as a reminder that more needs to be done, especially in the area of funding the network’s ongoing mission. The mint price for the collection is 120 TLOS.

Getting Involved

Through the Telos x Unbound Now NFT collection, anyone can get involved in the war against human trafficking. NFT holders will also get access to educational materials that can help spread awareness of the network's mission. Learning and educating others is considered critical in the fight to eradicate human trafficking, and a dedicated information hub is in the making.

In addition to the educational materials, Telos x Unbound Now NFT collection holders will get exclusive social media assets. Expectedly, these assets will depict their support for Unbound’s mission at a later date. The most important thing is that each NFT purchase will help toward solving the problem of human trafficking.