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Polygon Introducing Blockchain-Based WEB3 Football Collectibles

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com 24 November 2022 08:23, UTC
  • Polygon platform introducing new 32 digital football collection.
  • Polygon blockchain introducing the NFTs to honour the game by building the global community.

Football is currently a big topic. The FIFA World Cup is the most popular event in Qatar. And well-known players are making forays into the Blockchain industries. In addition to developing the NFTs and the FIFA World Cup, FIFA has worked with a 3 million-user metaverse to increase fandom in the Virtual World.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous football player, has recently entered the blockchain world by introducing the first ever NFTs collections on the Binance platform to boost fandom and make the collections available to fans. Many more players are entering the blockchain and web3 sector in this way.

To this purpose, the Polygon platform has announced that each nation is creating the WEB3 on the Polygon blockchain and introducing the Polygon football collections, which are 32 digital polygon footballs to celebrate the game by building the global community on the Polygon blockchain.

While nations compete against each other on field… ⚽

Nations are building web3 together #onPolygon. 💜

🥁 Introducing the Polygon Football Collection – 32 digital footballs to celebrate the beautiful game and our global community building #onPolygon. pic.twitter.com/s0XMGOSwlG

— Polygon – MATIC 💜 (@0xPolygon) November 23, 2022

Polygon states that Web3 and football bring the world’s nations together to create magic. Explore the projects currently built on Polygon all over the world. You might also mint your country’s NFT.

It functions as Discover the world on Polygon, discovers the initiatives and activities taken on in each competing country, collects your favorite team’s digital collectible football, and shares it on social media. They added that the virtual NFT art gallery was ready and that using a pc to access it provided a better user experience. Additionally, Polygon Virtual NFT Art Gallery is now prepared to discover a new environment.