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YGG Partners With StemsDAO To Empower Music Creators Worldwide

source-logo  cryptoknowmics.com 10 October 2022 14:46, UTC

The Web3 platform StemsDAO and YGG (Yield Guild Games) have teamed to enable people to collaborate with their favorite musicians to produce music. Artists will be able to release collections of "stems," or the audio tracks that make up a song, as NFTs. Through this collaboration, YGG members will access the StemsDAO platform, where they can produce their music and possibly publish remixes as NFTs for incentives.

To Empower Music Creators

According to StemsDAO, the company is dedicated to helping the music business build a Create-to-Earn model that compensates musicians for their original work in a manner akin to how gamers are compensated in video games. Musicians from all around the world create new music for prizes in the StemsDAO remix games. Participants will need an internet connection and a crypto wallet to begin making music remixes. The StemsDAO platform enables musicians worldwide to collaborate and connect with essential artists in a few clicks. Through NFT sales and streaming revenue, artists whose stems are used in modern music get paid based on the popularity of those distinctive music works.

StemsDAO Platform Went Live

The StemsDAO platform has gone live, with a PC version initially available and a mobile version following soon after. StemsDAO will release weekly stem collections after the platform's debut and its most excellent remixes with musicians like Elohim, Poolside, Great Dane, Harris Cole, and others on DSPs.