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Seven Bored Apes Holder Tricked via Phishing Attack

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 10 October 2022 11:45, UTC

Fraudulent phishing activities have always posed a major threat to investors’ wallets. Time and again, several investors within the crypto world have been tricked and made to suffer huge losses. Recently, a serial scammer stole Seven Bored Apes worth $700K from a labored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) holder. However, this has been done by tricking him into granting access to a malicious contract.

In the mentioned case, no sooner did the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)NFTs holder give access to the malicious contract than his account was hacked. Following the holder’s approval, the scammer transferred seven BAYC tokens from the victim’s wallet.

The recent scam case has also resulted in a huge loss of cryptocurrencies within the Seven Bored apes world. Each stolen NFT worth $100,000 at present base prices has been lost in this activity. One of the stolen NFTs is BAYC #6567, which the holder bought for 190 ETH a few days ago. The scammer easily sold it for 63 ETH in no time.

ZachXBT, a popular informer of the crypto world, reported that the scammer is not a novice in this world. In other words, the scammer already has his hands in cheating several other NFT holders in the past. As per his investigation and observation across Twitter, the Bored Ape 8941 scamming case that occurred last month was also a result of the scammer’s misdeed.

The 600 Discord servers hacking case has also been connected to the same hacker. The on-series transaction had linked the offender of Bored Ape 8941 to a suspicious person referred to as HK/Chase by observing the connection of the alleged perpetrator’s display picture on OpenSea with an earlier scam. As stated by a collector named CirrusNF, the recent liquidations suffered by BAYC holders on BendDAO have been termed as the most ruthless and gruesome drain on wallet wealth in the recent past.

It has become clear that hackers have grown powerful and people of gumption. Their enormous resources have hacked several people, including famous and popular personalities like actors. In May, actor Seth Green’s Seven Bored Ape account was stolen and hacked. Additionally, an on-chain sleuth reports that four of the NFTs were stolen from the official BAYC Instagram account in April through acts of hacking.