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Cryptex Finance to Soon Deliver NFT Index Token JPEGz

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 03 October 2022 12:45, UTC

Cryptex Finance, which happens to be a DAO, which has an enviable amount of expertise in offering to all the users of DeFi, to gain further insights, without any blockades or restrictions, where the crypto market, on the whole, is concerned, proudly announced the deliverance of its fresh JPEGz token, which has been effectively boosted by Chainlink NFT Floor pricing Feeds and Coinbase Cloud. JPEGz is an index token that will assist all users in connecting much better and more effectively with the NFT market in totality for a better understanding and the uninitiated. 

To know a little about Cryptex Finance is to understand that they are completely involved in creating new age and fundamentally and functionally more advanced financial solutions for the entire global crypto world. This prominent entity was officially established jointly by Joe Sticco, Thomas Matzner, and Preston Van Loon, in 2021. 

The prime focus and attention were on creating a justifiable and calculable market limit, where the entire crypto arena was concerned, all with the ultimate view of giving it a safe environment and decentralization.   

According to the observations of the CEO and Co-Founder of Cryptex Finance, Joe Sticco, from here on, the JPEGz token will work in tandem with Chainlink NFT Floor Pricing Feeds to be able to make absolutely and unequivocally certain that the index token is effectively and accurately in the position of showing the floor prices, for what it actually is, for all upcoming and prime projects linked to NFT.