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XRPL's NFT Amendment: Ripple's Director of Engineering Addresses Postponement

source-logo  u.today 13 September 2022 05:34, UTC

Nik Bougalis, director of engineering at Ripple, claims that a fix will be needed in order to be able to move forward with the XLS-20 amendment that will activate native support for non-fungible tokens on XRP Ledger.

The software engineer and cryptographer says that his team will soon propose "a single line" fix that will make it possible to fix the issue at the core of the problem.

As reported by U.Today, XRPL Labs lead developer Wietse Winde recently made an announcement about withdrawing support for the amendment after it was discovered that a simple flag on minted non-fungible tokens could be potentially abused. NFTs issued on top of XRL Ledger could end up being locked up.

Ripple's own validators will also veto the amendment pending a fix.

The fix will disable the flag in question in order to eliminate the problem. Ripple's team of developers will then propose a version 1.9.4 release.

Bougalis is hopeful that this will be the last issue discovered with XRP Ledger.

The head of engineering expressed his gratitude to those who helped to identify the issue.

"I'm heartened to see a diverse group of participants take action by prioritizing the security and security of the XRPL," Bougalis said.

Ripple CTO David Schwartz says that "community-led" cooperation is the only way to ensure that users can enjoy positive experiences.

As reported by U.Today, XRP validators started voting on the amendment in late August. Eighty percent of them had to vote for the proposal over a two-week period. However, the voting has now been derailed by the aforementioned issue.