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Coca-Cola Launches an NFT Collection on the Polygon Network


cryptoknowmics.com 08 August 2022 04:48, UTC
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Coca-Cola debuted an NFT collection on the Polygon network. While Coca-Cola's latest NFT collection is not their first, they hope to increase fan loyalty by airdropping the new collection to anyone who has already received one of their earlier NFT drops, with a unique addition for International Friendship Day. The largest beverage corporation in the world, Coke, revealed today that holders of their previous collections on the Polygon network had received airdropped fresh NFTs. These NFTs were made by the digital avatar business Tafi. The generative artwork features a broad range of motion and color schemes and is modeled after the iconic coke bottle shape. https://twitter.com/polygonstudios/status/1556331551759032321

Coca-Cola NFT With a Twist

These NFTs don't exhibit any self-disclosure. Coke has set a particular criterion to unveil the artwork on your NFT in honor of International Friendship Day. Users must send their NFT to a buddy for it to display. These NFTs and earlier Coca-Cola collections have not yet placed a strong emphasis on functionality. However, according to Coke's news statement, "as the community grows, digit digital collectible owners will gain access to rewards and perks, including Coke Studio-powered experiences, gaming events and early access to Coca-Cola Creations limited-edition product launches." This press release includes the anticipated events for Halloween in October and International Singles Day in November. It is unknown whether activations will refer to brand-new NFTs or utilization for already-existing NFTs. In the past, Coke has participated in NFT campaigns like International Burger Day, International Pride Day, and a "loot box" sale to assist Special Olympics International. Another famous brand victory for Polygon has drawn big names from various sectors to develop consumer-based products on the network, including Disney.

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