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Japanese Derivatives Exchanges See Monthly Trading Volume Decline in April


www.financemagnates.com 02 May 2022 13:27, UTC
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Two of the top Japanese trading market operators, Japan Exchange Group and Tokyo Financial Group, published the trading metrics for April 2022. Both of them reported a decline in monthly trading volume, but the figures significantly strengthened year-over-year.

Japan Exchange Group, which operates a major stock exchange in the country, reported a total derivatives trading volume of 29,715,602 contracts last month. The trading value reached 209 trillion Japanese yen, which was almost a 46 percent monthly decline. But, the figure came in 15 percent higher year-over-year.

In addition, the exchange has detailed that the daily average trading value for its Prime Market, which is domestic stock trading, came in at 3.03 trillion Japanese yen. This figure was at 3.69 trillion yen in the previous month and 2.7 trillion yen in April 2021.

Similar Trend

Moreover, Tokyo Financial Exchange witnessed a similar trend across all its markets.

Click 365, which offers forex futures contracts, recorded a trading volume of 3,255,534 contracts for the month with a daily average of 155,026 contracts. It was a monthly decline of 5.7 percent, but a yearly jump of 63.5 percent.

The total trading volume with equities index futures contracts on Click kabu 365 also declined by 27.4 percent in April when compared with last month. Again, this number increased by 66 percent year-over-year.

The total trading volume of forex clearing on the Tokyo Financial Exchange’s platform came in at 15,234,037 with a daily average volume of 725,430. The open position at the end of the month stood at $588.57 million.

Meanwhile, the Japan Exchange Group reported a marginal 1.6 percent consolidated revenue jump in the last financial year. The figure reached 135.4 billion yen, whereas the net declined by 2.3 percent to 50.8 billion yen.

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