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Decentralized exchange aggregator Totle completes integration of weiDex


www.cryptoninjas.net 20 November 2018 19:50, UTC
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Totle, the decentralized exchange aggregator with API today announced that it has completed the integration of weiDex, bringing users of even more liquidity.

weiDex is a fully decentralized exchange that “guarantees the maximum standard of security, transparency, and open source logic.” Their name comes from “wei”, the smallest denomination of ETH, and “Dex”, meaning decentralized exchange. weiDex supports a wide variety of unique features, such as multiple order fulfillment, Bull/Bear Bomb, Crumb Cleaner, high reward referral system airdrops, and more.

Some of weiDex’s top volume tokens tradable on Totle are Nexo (NEXO), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Aeternity (AE), and 0x (ZRX).

In addition to weiDex, Totle aggregates the order books from other decentralized exchanges and relayers, including Bancor, Airswap, Kyber, EtherDelta, OasisDex, and 0x relayers such as Radar Relay and Shark Relay, with more on the way.

Launching this past June, Totle released V0.4 this month featuring updates including:

  • Updated pricing algorithm optimized for the best price considering gas and open orders
  • MetaMask’s privacy update has been enabled
  • Updated On-Boarding flow for new users

Liquidity is a major problem for the crypto market.

At the exchange level, low liquidity causes price slippage that pushes traders away to expensive, more liquid platforms — usually a centralized exchange with poor service and worse security.

Totle seeks to address this issue by aggregating the liquidity of the top decentralized exchanges and 0x relayers in a simple UX, to create the most convenient and liquid ERC-20 token trading platform. By pooling together the fragmented order books, the odds of filling your request increase greatly.

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