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Exclusive: Binance Broker Program Lays Foundation for Tomorrow’s Crypto-Economy

source-logo  btcmanager.com 13 May 2020 11:00, UTC

In September 2019, leading cryptocurrency trading platform Binance launched the Binance Broker Program with an aim to form a global network of collaborations with major crypto brokers across the world. By providing a ready and robust trading infrastructure to digital asset traders, the Binance Broker Program has been nothing short of a resounding success.

In this exclusive interview, BTCManager speaks with the Binance Broker Team to know more about their Broker Program. We ask them about the current mechanism of the Broker Program, the eligibility criteria, the incentives to join the program, the available crypto products in the program, and what’s cooking in the pipeline for the Binance Broker Team. In this interview, they tell BTCManager about it all.

Interview with the Binance Broker Team

BTCManager: What is the structure of the Binance Broker Program? Can you help our readers understand the architecture of the program?

Binance Broker Team: The Binance Broker Program (BBP) is very straightforward yet effective and empowering. We designed the program to provide our partners with top-notch order matching services, account management, and settlement systems, allowing them to focus on business development and revenue generation entirely. This way, the brokers can focus on growing their business, while Binance provides technical support and access to our liquidity and market depth. Most of our partners are businesses and individuals operating in the financial markets. We’re working with projects developing trading bots, trading strategy platforms, quantitative investment management agencies, cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and many more. Most of them are large-scale operations and institutions, but we also have partners who are small teams of two to three people or even individuals. Since the launch in 2019, we have onboarded over 200 brokers.

BTCManager: What is the eligibility to participate in the program?

Binance Broker Team: The application process is straightforward, and the requirements are very flexible. The general requirement is that the interested partner is an existing and active business with over 20,000 users and achieves a monthly trading volume of more than 1,000 BTC. However, we’re always looking for ways to empower the crypto ecosystem with the Binance Open Platform, and we’re open to discussing the partnerships even with businesses that wouldn’t usually pass the requirements. We want to encourage even small or starting businesses to apply as we’re willing to discuss the possibilities with any business that shows integrity, dedication, and expertise.

BTCManager: What are the incentives for joining the Binance Broker Program? How does it differ from other broker programs in the industry?

Binance Broker Team: Our team is dedicated to building a prosperous crypto-economy by providing the brokers with access to the world’s largest volume and liquidity. As always for Binance, the main incentives are the highest commission rates for all our brokers, access to the Binance Open Platform tools and services, and technical support from the account management team.

Cryptocurrency and digital assets trading are still in their early stage. The methods and services of the crypto brokers are far less mature than what we can see with the traditional financial brokers, and often come up with a lack of infrastructure and resources. Thanks to the success of Binance and the subsequent development of cryptocurrency trading, we’re able to explore more possibilities for the cryptocurrency brokerage.

The main difference is that the broker programs of other exchanges are focused more on institutional customers, such as OTC desks, rather than small or individual operations. The BBP has a broad business scope targeting all the different forms of brokerage partnerships and provides its partners with more independence. The benefits of our program are extraordinary. The choice of available tools and services on the Binance Open Platform provides our brokers with new opportunities to increase their profitability and operational efficiency.

BTCManager: What are the crypto products available for trading in the program?

Binance Broker Team: Our partners have access to every single trading pair supported on Binance.com. That’s more than 400 trading pairs of all the different fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and other digital assets. There’s an asset for every customer and broker.

BTCManager: Security is perhaps the top concern for new investors in the cryptocurrency space. Can you substantiate on Binance Broker Program’s security mechanism?

Binance Broker Team: All the technical and financial aspects of the BPP are protected by the same cutting-edge standards we’re using to protect our other services. Our professional account managers are ready to answer any questions and to share our operational experience with all broker program partners. We can also help our clients with risk management, security, compliance, etc.

BTCManager: What are the short-term and long-term goals of the program? How and where does it see itself in the future?

Binance Broker Team: Through continuous optimization, innovation, and providing diverse and more flexible methods, we hope to cover and enable more types of broker partnerships, no matter whether they come from the emerging crypto industry or the traditional financial industry. We will leverage our advantages and resources to work with our partners and complement each other in development. Our goal, as always, is to become the best financial provider and establish Binance Broker Program as a market leader.

BTCManager: Binance is well known for its constant drive to come up with new robust market products and services. What’s next in the pipeline for the Broker Program?

Binance Broker Team: Our primary focus is on improving the user experience of our product and services, especially our broker API, as we believe that simple and efficient tools can help us create a prosperous crypto brokerage ecosystem.

We also want to increase the numbers of traditional financial brokers who join our product. This is a necessary step in the global adoption of crypto, as these conventional brokers reach audiences that haven’t started crypto trading yet. Our overall goal is to boost the adoption speed and set new standards for the financial services in crypto.

At Binance, we want to grow our roster of broker partners from 300 to 500 and more, bringing Binance’s liquidity and market depth to the users of any other exchange, platform, or institution. Apply here to become a Binance Broker Partner today.

We’re also looking for business development managers who can help us grow the program further. Apply here to join the Binance team!


The Binance Broker Program is the perfect entryway for those cryptocurrency brokers who are determined to grow their business rapidly aided by Binance’s cutting-edge technological tools and services.

Unlike the vast majority of other crypto platforms, the Binance Trading Program isn’t limited to institutional investors. The program seeks to involve small and medium-scale businesses to ensure better inclusivity within the realm of digital assets trading space. By enabling access to every single trading pair available on Binance.com, the exchange’s Broker Program ensures brokers get ready access to liquidity in the digital asset of their choice. Interested readers can know more about the Binance Broker Program here.

We thank the Binance team for taking the time to answer these questions.