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DWF Labs Denies Market Manipulation Allegations by WSJ, Binance Affirms Strict Surveillance

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 09 May 2024 12:54, UTC

DWF Labs, a major player in the cryptocurrency industry, has delivered a strong counter-statement to accusations of market manipulation voiced recently by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). In a long message to its respected partners, DWF Labs leaves no room for ambiguity when dismissing the allegations. It denounces them as misinterpretations of the facts that bear no evidence to support them.

To our valued partners: We want to clarify that many recent allegations reported in the press are unfounded and distort the facts.

DWF Labs operates with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethics, and we remain committed to supporting you and our over 700… pic.twitter.com/aydp1hoham

— DWF Labs (@DWFLabs) May 9, 2024

Binance Investigates Alleged Market Manipulation by DWF Labs

The accusations were made in the WSJ published report that the Binance Oversight Team completed an investigation that conclusively implicated DWF Labs in dubious activities of market manipulation. WSJ claims, Binance ex-employee detected manipulation by DWF labs in which the price of multiple crypto coins was manipulated, which include $YGG and various other altcoins. The inquiry also reportedly discovered that the alleged fraudulent actions resulted in profits of more than $300 million in 2023 alone.

The waters were further muddied by public criticism from the leader of Binance’s VIP department, who expressed his discontent with the decision to suspend DWF. Shortly afterward, the compliance department raised concerns about the evidence provided by the investigation, pointing to a potential conflict of interest and bias by the head of the monitoring team. They claim that their departmental head was in close association with several of DWF’s direct rivals impeaching the objectivity of the case. Later on, Binance fired that employee.

Binance Responds to WSJ Allegations, Ensures Strict Market Surveillance

Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, majorly depends on its VIP customers, making up to two-thirds of its trading volume. However, the recent attention to market manipulation and several internal disputes led to a range of worries. The well-known example is the takedown of the Tron Foundation last summer, which proved once again that major players have a significant impact.

In response to WSJ, we affirm our strict market surveillance program. We do not tolerate market abuse.

Over the last three years, we have offboarded nearly 355,000 users with a transaction volume of more than $2.5 trillion for violating our terms of use.

Market maker…

— Binance (@binance) May 9, 2024

In response to WSJ, Binance affirms through tweet, saying that its market surveillance is strict, and it has zero tolerance for market abuse. The representatives claim to have offboarded 355,000 users with a $2.5 trillion transaction volume due to terms violations.

DWF Labs promises to cooperate fully with the investigations and ensure the issues are resolved conclusively. Their team are dedicated to providing value to the partners while ensuring the overall contribution is positive for the development of the cryptocurrency field.